Chris Fellner’s Text Message Hump Day


Interview by David Brocklebank and his iPhone. Intro by Kody Williams

lifestyle-2photo by Dominique Juric

Chris Fellner a.k.a Fellymane has been a close friend and brother of mine for 12 or more years now. I always have looked up to him since I met him at the local hill. In high school we became good friends and I started boarding with him just about everyday there was snow on the ground. Either at the local hill or the resort near his cottage, we were always together and boarding together. He has been a big influence on me and always will be. As a friend, model and boarder, he is an all around good guy, and I am happy to call him a brother of mine! – Kody Williams

 Gray Bubble = Brockle,  Blue Bubble = Fellner

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back50-wallride-goodphoto by Eric Lamothe

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harris-park-back-50photo by Max Wharin

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front-50-rock-shlurpphoto by Zach Moorcroft


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lifestyle-3photo by Eric Lamothe


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  1. uuhhh...
    uuhhh... says:

    Both are cool guys but why are they texting like they’re from the hood of Atlanta when they’re both from suburban Ontario?

    • skinz
      skinz says:

      Friends having a typical conversation. Not sure if the ATL comparison really sticks here? last time I checked “DUH” has been in the D.O.P.E. vocab for years.

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