Super Cool Hyland Edit


Thrasher logos in snowboard videos. Craig Cameron,Jake Olson Elm, Danimals, Tommy Gesme, Andy Latterner, Matt Boudreaux, Andy Pearson, Billy Bottoms, Jake Moore, and Justin Fronius at Hyland.

  • Tronald Drump

    Might be the best video ever made 🙂 $

  • outraged skater

    but why the trasher logo??

    • ihatethemodernworld

      thrasher is a meme in 2017, shout out to the days when it was actually cool and skaters would wear it

      • just be a normal human

        Born and raised in the midwest and as much love as I have for Minnesota’s ropeTowLyfeStYLE, don’t reinforce a meme that’s an embarrassment to all board cultures. You guys are already too cool for school, no need to take to a “too cool for ‘too cool for school’ ” status

  • ok

    i wish this was actually posted on thrasher so I could see all the skaters roast snowboarding to death.

    • alex

      or maybe they’ll realize that both sports are cool in their own ways and should not be compared

      • the ghost of scott seifert

        right, there’s no way they’d draw comparisons between a half cab and a cab 900.

        • ok

          they’d roast you for claiming switch frontside is cab.

    • Lil Yachty

      I dont think skaters will mind the logos. If you do research you realize that snow and skate scenes are synced up kinda well. Damn, Kuzyk has edited/filmed videos for Dime MTL, Jed has been in LurkNYC and Bronze 56k videos and much more. I think only skaters who start beefing in the comments are the ones with skategoat tattoo in their forehead and only have clips of them doing bad fs bonelesses and slow slappy grinds.

  • donald bad ass

    I won fag

  • Jed anderson’s horse tattoo

    That was a goddang masterpiece my guy