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Nick Nolan, Walter Promnitz, Brett Stewart, Louie Davala, Travis Henderson, Quentin Zimbalist, Emmett Dowd, Hollis Grossbard, Justin Van Althuis, Craig Landowski, Tommy Magazeno, Zach Mathes, Matt Devito, Marina Alzapiedi, and Tommy Barger

Filming and editing: Nick Apicella
Additional Filming: Nick Nolan and Neil Tennant

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Comments (7)

  1. I enjoyed this, Y’all made snowboarding in New Jersey look appealing. What ever happened to the pipe at creek tho?

  2. GLOBAL WARMING ,,so no snow this yr. means no pipe, no snow anywhere in USA

  3. Yo my man Hollis kills it. Space case boy rips too

  4. Build some mother rubbing jumps god damn it. 94 rails, 2 jumps.