Side Hits Euphoria


Proper side poppers from Olivier Gittler and Arthur Longo

  • This is the greatest thing I have ever seen!!

  • YES!

    Did he go over that massive snowgun in the last shot or is it perspective? That was awesome. Made me want to quit my job and take some laps.

  • Mackdawg

    Where is this heaven on earth?

  • Sideshit Sally

    Edit of the year!

  • Rice coast best coast

    Yakuza Toyota San arr-eee-gato

  • pierre

    best clip since robot food

    • Oh that hit me right in the feels.

      RIP Robot Food

    • tindytweaker

      Amen! Video of the year.

  • Borehole

    Bring back fun

  • HellYeah

    This. Is. snowboarding.

  • new england

    so that’s what riding on snow is like

  • someoldguy

    Best video I’ve seen in a long time, no rails, no mega park jump corkies. As an old guy, this is what snowboarding was all about before they built the parks – creative side hits.