Self-Made-Man Nick Visconti Launches a Coffee Roastery in Truckee

This just in (last week) – Former professional snowboarder, Dangerzone stuntman, Seattle condo owner, social media darling, Windells Head Coach, Sessions marketeer, James Corden commercial sidekick, and a bunch of other stuff too, Nick Visconti has followed in the footsteps of other snowboarding great Wille Yli Luoma and opened his own specilaty coffee shop in Truckee. Read on for the official release.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 12/4/17 – Truckee, CA – Nick Visconti launches DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF, a specialty coffee roastery in Truckee, CA.

P: Matt Georges

P: Matt Georges — At the inception of DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF. Nick Visconti hand plants on the Saas-Fee Glacier.

The brand began as a philosophy five years ago at 12,000ft on the Saas-Fee glacier in Switzerland during founder Nick Visconti’s pro snowboard days, and continues today at his North Tahoe roastery. Fascinated by how coffee was embedded into outdoor active lifestyle, Nick obsessed over recreating this experience for the people and place of Truckee/North Tahoe. DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF believes extraordinary coffee leads to an extraordinary life… this begins with extraordinary sourcing. Specialty coffee is grown between 4,000-9,000ft, distinguishing the company’s coffees as sourced from mountain people and roasted for mountain people.

P: Laura Visconti

Nick Visconti Senior Portrait

“For many reasons snowboarding and roasting coffee are similar; more importantly, they both require style. I am proud of our coffees; they are an actualization of my five-year journey as a coffee roaster, and perfectly highlight their origin characteristic with unforgettable sweetness. DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF is committed to creating four season jobs for four season residents, and contributing to a local economic and employment strategy where money made in Truckee/North Tahoe is spent in Truckee/North Tahoe.” –Nick Visconti

As a commitment to the Truckee/North Tahoe community, DCDS offers Free Local Delivery every Friday. Homes and offices can subscribe to the Coffee Club, a subscription service that allows you to pick your coffee preference and delivery frequency at 10% off. The flagship house blend, Hell Yeah!, tastes exactly how a cup of Hell Yeah! should: milk chocolate, Macadamia nut, and extraordinary sweetness. Other fresh roasted coffees include the Grampa Max blend, four rotating in-season single origins, as well as a Colombian decaf. Enjoy DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF, the coffee company that cares just as much about what’s in your cup, as what happens after it.

P: Laura Visconti

The Christmas present you know you want!

For more information or to shop coffee:

An Engine Enthusiast’s Review of Depth Perception

Words: Anthony Scott** Photos: Iphone photo of a computer screen no thanks to Itunes. 

I tried snowboarding once. It was a weekend trip to the Black Forest in Germany. I donned my trusty pair of Levis 501s, and I’m lucky I didn’t lose a leg from frostbite! For this reason alone, I might be the last person on earth that you think should review a movie about snowboarding, but tough luck, because the whole idea behind Depth Perception is to introduce the wonderful world of snowboarding to us bystanders unaware of its greatness.

Depth Perception invites the viewer to join Austen Sweetin, Travis Rice, Robin Van Gyn and Bran Fox on an expedition in the breathtaking and beautiful snowcapped mountains of Galena in British Columbia. I didn’t even know a place like this existed and surely, if it did, I couldn’t actually afford to go there. And that’s where they lost me.

While I can understand the need to make a film bigger and better to reach a HUGE AUDIENCE, I couldn’t help but feel a little disconnected. With numerous choppers filming and far-out-of-reach locations, every scene reminded me how far away I was from being able to experience this little slice of heaven.

Travis Rice and a chimpunk thing

That being said, the film was still captivating, and had a little bit of something for everyone, snowboarder or not. Beautiful glades, mountains of endless possibilities, a beautiful sountrack by Hannah Holbrook & Kishi Bashi, and Travis Rice talking to (and occasionally) kissing chipmunks. Yes, you read that right. The humor throughout the movie helps make it clear the cast was having the best time of their lives.

But, what in Depth Perception actually made me want to go out and try snowboarding…?

Well, the artistic follow-cam shots were beyond anything I’ve seen in any snowboard film to date. Austen Sweetin zig zagging down the mountain dodging trees had me right there with him. I couldn’t help but cringe in fear while watching scenes of Bran Fox drop into a takeoff I’m sure would have taken a few million Benjamin Franklins for me to work up the nerve to even try…

…And this was the moment the light bulb shined through the murky fog in my noggin. These are legitimate pros doing what legitimate pros do –  snowboarding in paradise. So, for us small dreamers considering strapping in for the first time, the door has been open and my interest sparked but…  

Where can I see an amateur version of this film?​

extreme powder turn

Download Depth Perception VIA Internet Magic Here.

*** The previous was written by Anthony Scott, who you can follow on the Instagram @Enginethusaist. It was written for people who may be considering downloading this video on iTunes. And if you download this movie through one of the 10,000 provided links in this post, we at Yobeat are legally required to note that we will  supposedly receive a few cents. We still like pennies in America. Thank you. ***

Kaitlyn Mustache you a question

A Hardly-Retired Hump Day with Kaitlyn Farrington

Kaitlyn Mustache you a question

Olympic gold medalist, lover of powder snow and dad jokes, Kaitlyn Farrington, everybody! Photo: @aleksiafreer

The last time Kaitlyn Farrington dropped into a halfpipe and aired out she won an Olympic gold medal. After giving the US Team the middle finger, she wasn’t widely expected to make the Olympics, but this dark horse from Sun Valley, Idaho toppled all of the competition and walked away with gold from Sochi. She’d meet President Obama, appear on the David Letterman show, but sadly reality would heavily spit in her face shortly thereafter. A fall in Austria in October 2014 left her partially paralyzed on the snow for a few minutes. Diagnosed with cervical congenital stenosis, Kaitlyn walked away from professional snowboarding on January 16, 2015. So, what the hell has she been up to since then? This American badass is writing more chapters. Hitchhiking across North America to get the snow goods, pushing First Nations kids out of helicopters on Haines Pass so they can learn to ride pow, all the while becoming a sledneck who rides a shit ton of powder. You’d be tough to call what Kaitlyn is doing these days at 27 as “retired,” as she’s still hard at work bringing snowboarding to the people.

So what’s been going down?

I just moved up to Whitefish, Montana. I plan on spending the season here and have a little change of pace from Salt Lake City. I spent some time here in the summer on the lakes. You could say I came for the lakes. I think it will be a good area for touring around and I want to get into the national parks – with Glacier [National Park] being right here. Good zone for snowmobiling, too.

Whitefish official

Whitefish official. 

Are you trying to get eaten by a bear?

No, hopefully not. Bear spray the whole way! 

You’re all about big mountain these days; snowmobiles, spitting chew, guiding and coaching.

Yeah, things have changed. No more halfpipe. It took me a few years to fully phase myself out of it because I feel like I tried to hold on. Last year I got a snowmobile and got addicted to brapping up in Canada. So I pretty much spent all of last year up in British Columbia, up in the Yukon Territory, snowboarding. Kind of snowboarding… the snow conditions weren’t that good up there. I was on my splitboard a lot last year. It was the first year I didn’t have a pass anywhere since I was 3 and they started charging you for a pass. I also didn’t go to any events last year. So, that was kind of good for me to fully step away from everything in the contest scene because, like I said, it felt like I was trying to hold on. So last year I made a point to not go to any of them. It was my first time in 11 years not going to an X Games. It was a fully different change of pace for me.

X Games gold medalist, Olympic gold medalist…

…to sledneck! Pretty much. Sledneck and touring.

Life behind bars

Life behind bars isn’t always so bad. Photo via INSTA

What is the toughest part about being a sledneck?

Handling the snowmachine. I am not that big of a girl so learning to toss that thing around was pretty hard. I learned up in Pemberton [BC]. I was a place where I didn’t have the option of not figuring it out. I was working on this project last year that I ended up quitting because it didn’t really go that well. I didn’t have the option of not being able to get up to the top of passes. I kinda had to figure it out really fast in BC.

So, wait, the sledneck documentary is done already?

No. I was on this trip called Connections Movement with this kid, Rafael Pease, and he kind of just threw this trip together. I don’t want to fully talk shit on him, but midway through I realized he didn’t have a plan and he had lied about people that were supposed to be joining on. So, we had this kids camp that we were doing up on Haines Pass with the First Nation kids with this dude Pete Wright from Yukon Heli.

You were dropping kids from the reservations out of helicopters?

Yeah, pretty much. Pete Wright owns Yukon Heli and he’s a First Nations himself. He was adopted into one of the tribes when he was a kid. So, he wanted to get the kids of the First Nations on skis and snowboards. There were definitely a few kids who really like to get after it. It’s definitely his way to give back to his community. Some science teacher around Pemberton gave over $12,000, so the First Nations kids could go heli boarding. We taught them basic avalanche skills – how to use a beacon, probe and shovel. Then we kind of just went riding with them. It was a bunch of their first times in a helicopter. We also took them out on our sleds and let them rip around on them. It was a fun cultural shock in a way for a lot of us. I forget what the reservation is called off of Haines Pass, but we would go do community dinners in their community center with them and it was pretty cool experience to kind of be a part of that. After the kids camp was done I hitchhiked off the pass with my snowmobile, trailer and a bunch of gear.


You were literally like, “Fuck it, I’m out?”

Yeah, I think I told the kid a week before that it was my time to part ways. We had been camping out on the pass for over two weeks and I was supposed to go to Kazakhstan for five weeks. So, after the kids camp I put all my shit in my shred trailer and I made a sign and I started hiking off the pass.

You didn’t take a truck up?

I ended up making it all the way to Whitehorse and buying a truck because it was too expensive to fly down and to have to pay someone to drive my sled down. I call it my hoopty. My 1997 Ford Ranger. I bought it for $2300 bucks up there.

True story

True story. 

You were hitchhiking up there? Did you make a sign that said “former Olympian?”

I have a photo of it somewhere. I think it just said, “Need a ride. Gas money?” I tried to make it out of a piece of plywood and all the sharpies I could find. I was five clicks north of the summit of Haines Pass so it took me about two days to get a ride off.

Were your parents stoked when you told him that you had hitchhiked?

No, they were not that stoked. I think Raf had asked me when I leaving, because he didn’t take me that seriously at first, and I was like, “No, this is really happening.”
He was like, “Well, what are you going to do?”
And I was like, “I have been sitting on Haines Pass for two weeks with no cell phone service, with no communication. I don’t know, but I will figure it out once I get my phone back and running.”
When I told my parents they were like, “I can’t believe you hitchhiked! I hope you were safe.” The typical parentals, you know?

Take us back to January 16, 2015. You announce your retirement from professional snowboarding at 25 years of age.

I had to retire in January 2015 due to my neck condition, cervical congenital stenosis. It kind of led me to be kind of a grounded snowboarder, so that’s why I started doing more of the adventuring and touring around. In 2016 I went on Denali and summitted that. Maria Debari and I did a volcano tour in 2015, so it kind of just lead me into a different realm of snowboarding. I have been a contest kid since I was 13 years old. It was definitely a different pace from going from being a frontside-of-the-mountain rider to fully removing myself and trying to establish myself as a snowboarder in the backcountry.

Still snowboarding, and well, at that. Photo: Tim Zimmerman/Gnu Snowboards

You were told you would never snowboard again, correct?

I found out in October 2014 that I would not be competing. I was still just trying to figure out how to deal with it so that’s why I didn’t really say anything until January 2015. And then of course, your agents want to do a total stunt pr gig. I was coming off the Olympics and all of my contracts were being renewed. I was going through this crazy life changing experience and I had to quit snowboarding. Something I had been doing since I was 14. And I look back on it like, “Damn, I wish I wouldn’t have done the whole pr thing.” It was more of the type of X Games thing, it was more of a forced thing doing the PR gig. So, I feel like I kind of lost touch with myself for a bit there. It’s been good to be fully out of Salt Lake and kind of remove myself from the contest scene of last year, but going into this year I hope to do color announcing for NBC for the Olympics. I did New Zealand World Cup and I will be doing the Dew Tour.

Does Todd Richards still do commentary?

The worst part about it is I thought it was going to be me and Todd working together and I actually think it’s me and Todd competing against each other for the job. So I am a little disappointed. I was really hoping it was going to be me and Todd talking shit up there together.

In the booth with @btoddrichards.

You got dropped by your only home town sponsor, Smith, and then you won a gold medal in the Olympics. How did that feel?

It kind of felt great. It was definitely one of those stick it to you things. When Smith was dropping me I was quitting the US team and they were like, “What is she going to do? She’s not on the US team, how is she going to compete? How was she going to do all that?” I just really made the decision myself, the US team wasn’t for me. So, Smith came to me and said, “Well, you are not on the US team what are you going to do?”
I said, “Well, I’m still gonna try and make the Olympic team,” but they didn’t quite see it that way. So, it felt good to win the medal. I was down in South America after the Olympics and saw some of the Smith dudes and they were like, “We want you back!”
So, that made me feel pretty good. It was a little ego brush, I guess.

You made the Olympic team as the dark horse.

Yeah, I’m kind of that unpredictable source.

US Team glamour shots

TBH, we’d have quit the US Team after this photo shoot, too. Sorry to bring back this memory, Kaitlyn.

Do you still carry your friends shitlocks in your pocket when you shred?

No, I do not have anymore dreads in my pockets. I don’t know what happened to any of those dreads. I probably left them all over the mountains.

You once threw up on a national morning radio program?

Yes. I went on the Opie and Jimmy radio show. Used to be Opie and Jimmy radio now I think it’s just Opie. I was on there with Paul Feig who I think is the director of Ghostbusters – the women’s one. I was so hungover. I had flown from Salt Lake, or something, and went partying in the city, of course, and then showed up there. Yeah, it was not my finest moment but it was still fun to meet Paul Feig.

Would you still consider yourself a loose cannon?

I am not that loose of a canon. But you know, I have my moments. I like to have fun.

How much money would someone have to offer you to leave Mervin?

The world. World peace and no more Trump, maybe. I think I met Barrett Christy on Mount Hood when I was 13. So, that’s been my joke forever. First and last sponsor.

boosting at snowqualmie

This magic moment at Summit at Snowqualmie brought to you by Tim Zimmerman/Gnu Snowboards.

What are your big plans for this season?

I’m going to plan on just being up here in Whitefish, do the little NBC stuff here and there, and hopefully there will be another kids camp in the Yukon, that I will go and do with the First Nations kids again. I’m just kind of playing it by ear trying to get on some film projects. I might be working on a film project with Scott Miller, he’s trying to do a 3-D movie. Something that we’re seeing if it will go through – get the financing for it. I’m kind of at a point where I’m ready to tell my full story. What I’ve been through and how my life has changed from four years ago, where I was sitting at the top of the Olympic podium to being told that I couldn’t do that, and I think I’ve been through some heavy ups and downs. So, I’ve been contemplating doing a podcast, or maybe even just a short film.

Sounds like you’re going to be going to Sundance next year.

I would like to (laughing).

So retiring was a total lie. You keep coming back. Like Tupac, basically.

Yeah I’m never going to die. It’s definitely been kind of weird, though. I have even questioned myself. Am I still a professional snowboarder? Or am I just an enthusiast that just kind of skirts on by, so it’s kind of a weird realm to be in. I don’t know. It’s just a weird transition.

Four years ago…

Well, you still get checks from snowboard companies and you cash them so you are a professional snowboarder.


Do you have any words of wisdom for the Yobeat faithful?

Follow your dreams.


GNU, Monster, The House, Zeal

A-Man’s Actual Review: The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 VAPE BONG

Weed smokers have never been content to just smoke their weed. This is because smoking weed isn’t all that exciting. In order to pump up the hobby, stoners get into gadgets. Whether it’s a ProtoPipe, a triple chambered organic linoleum bubble bong, or Kevlar scrotal microdose patches, adding an element of exclusivity to your THC delivery method obscures the fact that you’re just, well, smoking weed, bro.

Leave it to 2017, the craziest year ever, to bring us the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer. Hydrology9 Cloudious9? 9. VapeBong. 9000. Whatever.

It’s a “dry flower vaporizer with water filtration.” In theory, this could be an ultra-clean way to smoke your weed.

The packaging is tech-bro perfect. A fancy felt-lined box lets you know you’re on some next level shit, for advanced humans only. Definitely got a boutique exclusive Tesla vibe. Included in the box is the unit itself, an AC adapter and charging cables, and a tool kit that looks like it came from a dentist’s office.

The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer looks like a light saber. Because of course it does. It must. Right? Yes.

This is a $250 Sharper Image LifeHacker Future Keto Spillproof Pepper Grindr for the Internet VapeLordz, it has to be a bit too much. Perfect!

So yeah, how do you smoke weed out of it?

vape shoe horn

You grind up your weed and shove it in this thing’s butthole, using the provided shoehorn. A metal buttplug acts as a stir-stick while you smoke (sorry, when you commence the “inhalation session”):

vape butt plug

Remove the “borosilicate mouthpiece” and pour in some water. It doesn’t take much:

fill er up

Screw the mouthpiece back on. Hit the button a bunch of times.

The sequence will be easy to remember because if you bought this thing there’s a high probability you’re a gamer. I haven’t played video games since Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, but I’ll never forget the code to warp straight to Iron Mike (it’s 007 373 5963). Internet people will get it. To turn on Cloudious9 Hydrology9, it’s three quick presses of the button. Then you have 60 seconds to determine which of the five heating modes you desire. I don’t know why you’d desire anything less than Level 5, but there are four weaker modes available for dipshits. I choose Level 5, because I’m trying to smoke this weed, motherfucker.

red means no

LED lights will let you know when it’s time to smoke. Your new vape bong life is controlled by LED lights, get used to it. You are a FutureStoner. Red means wait.

green means go!

It takes a minute or so to heat up. Green means go, thankfully.

I’ve been smoking intermediate dad weed out of this thing for a couple weeks, and as much as it pains me to say it: this thing pretty much rules. There’s a slight learning curve, but it delivers the cleanest weed hits I’ve ever had—something those ultra portable vape pens can’t claim, let alone a pipe or a bong. I haven’t coughed from a hit yet. That’s saying something.

There’s a slick magnetic cover for the mouthpiece (did I mention it’s borosilicate?). It’s satisfying to remove it, you gotta pull a bit against the magnet. That’s fun. I’ve found spinning the buttplug as I inhale to be a bit distracting, but it does seem to help achieve a stronger pull.

That’s it. Hit the button a few more times and the thing turns off.

Overall, this thing is pretty rad!

I give it 7 out of 10 fedoras.

I can’t believe it, it should totally suck. But it doesn’t. It’s pretty expensive, but so are glass bongs. It’s super clean and very efficient. I do question its true portability when compared to a sneaky vape pen that can be hidden in a sock, but it has many advantages over smoking with a flame. Damn. This tryhard internet lightsaber vape bong is actually legit, especially in this new age of shamelessness. I’m a dork with nothing to lose, so yeah it passes the test: I think I’d actually seriously consider buying one of these. It can’t handle the capacity to fuel an entire party, but it’s gotta be the smoothest and cleanest way to smoke weed on your couch. By yourself. With the blinds drawn so nobody sees the goofy LED lights.I dig it, and I’m gonna keep it. Thanks, Yobeat!

Appendix A: can you take a vape bong boarding?

I took the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer splitboarding. I loaded it with weed, filled the water chamber, and shoved it in my backpack for a stroll in the snow. It worked, but I’ll probably be leaving it at home in the future. Or maybe the car. I’ll leave it in the car.

And yes, we got some pow turns that day!


Leather Case

Hump Day Scouts Loveland with Peruvian Workhorse Italo C Valle

Ita lives the rake life. Photo: Teije Spratt 

Italo Valle is living his version of “the dream.” He grew up skateboarding in Lima, Peru, moved to the United States at 17, and eventually found his way to the mountains of Clear Creek County, Colorado. For winter 2017, the 28-year-old has chosen to make his snowboard home Loveland Ski Area, just as he has for the past 8 seasons. There, he earns a living building, raking and designing features as part of the park crew, and seeks out the most pristine pow on his days off. At the chance of regretting my own decision to move away from Colorado this season, I recently got a chance to catch up with Ita from my new/old home in Michigan. Read on to find out more about how he’s turned going snowboarding into his every day reality.

 FOLLOW ITA ON INSTA @italocvalle

PB: At the risk of sounding like a kid in the park… Are you sponsored? Who do you ride for?

I don’t ride for anybody, but I am supported by Sims Snowboards, La Familia, Vonzipper Rockies and BAFwax. It’s nice to have friends that support what you do. I’m lucky for that.

PB: Definitely! What are the expectations that come with that? Are you required to make ‘so-many’ social media posts per month or something?

No, I’m not required to do anything. I like to film for fun and to see my mistakes and learn from them. Sometimes they like what I have done and they will post it. I feel like I’m paying it back that way also, [but there are] no expectations. They know I spend over 200 days on the mountain a season, and I think that’s good publicity for them.

Last spring on Loveland Pass. Photo Levi Runsick

PB: Gotcha. You were a skater long before you were a snowboarder right?

Yes, I started skateboarding back in the late 90s. My grandpa bought me my first skateboard for Christmas and after that it was on. I used to live up on the hills in this really ghetto part of the city and would ride my skateboard down the hill bombing it kinda San Francisco style, but way sketchier. lol

PB: This was in Peru?

Yeah. Lima, the capital of Peru. Twenty minutes away from the beach.

PB: Nice. How long did you live there? Did you grow up surfing as well?

I lived [in Lima] till I was 17. Never learned how to surf. Wet suits and boards were way too expensive to even think about buying one. I was really into skateboarding and that’s all I wanted to do!

FSBS, or Frontside-backside as no one actually calls it. Photo: Dustin Schaefer

PB: Right on. And you moved to the States at 17? Didn’t you live in LA for a bit?

Yeah, I first moved to New York, then D.C. and then to Los Angeles. I eventually ended up in Colorado and fell in love with this place .

PB: What were you doing in those other places? Did you come to Loveland on a J-1 Visa, or were you working on citizenship at that point?

I had family in NY and D.C. and I met these kids in D.C. who were all from different places in South America. We had this little skate team called Sudcentral, and we would skate pretty much everyday. My dad lives in D.C. and he brought me to the States before I was 18. My dad is a citizen so he brought me as a resident. I’m still a resident now…but working on becoming an American citizen.

It’s LEGAL baby. Photo: Jess Johnson

PB: I remember there was some shit that went down a few years back where you almost got deported. What happened with that?

I had a warrant for weed possession 8 years ago, back in DC. I moved to Colorado so I never took care of it, (laughs) so when I came back from Peru it was on my background check. As a US resident, I can’t really get in any kind of trouble with the law because we don’t have as many rights here as American citizens do.

PB: Right, right. So did they turn you back to Peru for a bit? How did you get back in the States?

No, I spent 4 days in immigration till they finally figured it out that I’m not a criminal and they can’t kick me out of the States for smoking weed… (laughs)

Team work with Zak Gosney. Photo: Thom Paxton

PB: I know you’ve been at Loveland for a while. Did you start out on the park crew or do another job first?

I was a lifty for 3 years; then I started working as park crew. I’ve been at Loveland for 8 years now.

PB: Nice. Loveland is kind of an off-the-beaten-path spot in some ways. What do you think makes it special?

The mountains, the Continental Divide, the people, my friends. The snow is probably one of the best in Colorado. The long season, the sunsets and sunrises. There is some good big mountain riding. Those cornices up on Wild Child are incredible! You know all this; you used to live here. Don’t tell anyone. lol

PB: Hahaha…don’t worry, only cool people read Yobeat. Your secret is safe. Loveland’s park doesn’t have any jumps, or at least it didn’t when I last was there. Why is that? Are you guys still doing that interesting skate-influenced set up? 

It it has to do with lawyers, lawsuits and blab blah blah… all the BS that comes with it.

PB: So still no jumps? Any banks and waves like a few years ago?

Yes, we’re still keeping it creative, trying to make the best we can with what we have. The transitions are always fun. Lots of options for surfy style.

The early season set ups a Love park, through the lens of ITA.

PB: Never Summer sales-guy “Gags” has described the terrain at Loveland as if “someone designed a skatepark high on LSD”….would you agree?

Oh yeah, I could see that. The whole mountain is a playground. Loveland has so much potential, and the wind makes wonderful things. The mountain changes everyday and it’s really awesome to be there to see and be part of it.

PB: What about Loveland’s natural terrain. What’s a pow day like there?

Oh a loveland powder day….It sucks!! Haha, jk. When I have to work on a powder day it’s pretty much just shoveling all day, but to get to work you have to ride a few lifts up to get to the park so we definitely get first tracks early in the morning. I can’t complain about that, but powder days on my days off normally I like to hike to Porcupine Saddle, Wild Child, 1310, and Mine Dumps sometimes. Try to stay away from people as much as I can.

The rumors are true… Colorado does get snow. Photo Jess Johnson

PB: What boards are you riding right now? Which is your favorite?

I’m riding a 155X Dealers Choice, and was lucky enough to get my hands on one with the Zombie Graphic. They only made so many of them. I’m also riding a 153 Juice. I have no favorites; I like them both. The other day I got to ride the Tom Sims Pro Model…that thing was hungry!!! It can destroy anything on the way.

PB: Who are some of your biggest influences in snowboarding?

Tom, Noah, Kidwell, Palmer, Bode, Hellgasons, Gooner, MFM and Terje.

PB: What do you think snowboarding could to do to get more people riding?

I think most people in snowboarding are too self centered. Instead of making fun of people and calling them names, lift them up and help them out. We all started from nothing.

PB: Hell yeah man. I think you hit the nail on the head and I think we’re slowly starting to see that change a bit for sure. That said, any final thoughts or thank you’s before we wrap this up?

Thanks to my lady, my family and everybody that believed and believes in me and makes this journey possible.

PB: Thanks for taking the time, Ita. Say hello to Loveland for me.

Will shred some for you. Come visit sometime!

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Diagnosis: Pow.A.Noia

We live in a time and place in the world where illnesses can be fixed. As long as you have enough money, a story worthy of a TLC special, or live in a truly magical place with socialized medicine, there’s probably a cure for what ails you! But the fabled disease of Powanoia has baffled medical professional for years.

Over the 2016/17 season, Fancy Rutherford, Madison Blackley, Christine Savage, Taylor Elliott, Hanna Eddy, Iris Lazzarichi, Riley Elliott, Melissa Riitano, and Yui Sotoma set out on a mission to diagnose and cure this illness once and for all, and their full reports are finally in.

Official Diagnosis: Powanoia can be described by a strong tendency to frontside slash or ride the perfect line, or medical mental illness that causes extreme feelings of air time. Powanoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by fresh snowfall, often to the point of dropping all responsibility and calling in sick to work.[1]


Lead researcher: Kieth Rutherford

Additional research: Tyler Blackburn, Matt Hines, Tim Eddy, Moss Halladay, Nick Bliss, Ahmet Dadali, Madison Blackley, and Melissa Riitano

#YoTop5: Preseason Bangers and Leftover Heat That Made Stu Say SORAY!

Awrite! Stu Innes here to name the sickest tricks ye may have missed over the past few weeks. First off, I’d like to say thanks ye for all the submissions! It’s been sick seeing all the preseason bangers and the left-over heat from last season, but there can only be 5 6 tricks featured per post and here are the ones that really made me say “SORAY” this time around! 

Number 1: Adam Nicks 

Stu Says: Adam Nicks may be part of the Yobeat Intern Squad, but I don’t discriminate. Plus a Swivel front 3 in is cool, but swivel front 3 in on a DFDF is waaay sick. Props man, just shows how good you get on rails when you ride in the Midwest preseason.

Number 3: Benny Milam

Lil twister from today @skiwildmtn

A post shared by Benny Milam (@mennybilam) on

Benny “hands-down steeze” Milam with the “Little Twister” aka a nollie-back-tail-sameway-to-swap-to-50-pretzel-1.  I’m pretty sure this is an NBD. I’ve personally only seen Halldor Helgason do the first bit – so to then pretzel is mad – especially considering how short the second bit of the rail is. But what’s properly messed up is it looks like it’s his warm up run. Ye don’t move Benny, how? Tell us how!? And please do it pretzel-3 next (if you haven’t already.)

Number 3: Luke Zajac

🎥 @nicholas_irwin 🎯💧 very lit tonight

A post shared by Luke Zajac (@lukezajac1k) on

STU SAYS: Luke Zajac is probably gonna be another name that crops up a lot on here. This round alone he had 2 tricks that I really wanted to mention. Firstly for his front board pop up from the flat to the last down pret 2 on the 4 kink at Trolhaugen, and secondly for this back 1 transfer pretzel 3. Everyone who knows anything knows that back 1 pret 3 is really hard but to do, so to do it with a transfer inbetween is just insane! And of course he makes both look easy. He’s a Gahd damn child prodigy.

And now that we’ve got the Midwest kids out the way…

Number 4: Flo Cornelius

NewNew #primetubesessions 🎥: @stevekueberl

A post shared by Flo Corzelius (@flo_corzelius) on

STU SAYS: Whilst everyone else around Innsbruck was at Stubai Prime Sessions queue-ing (that’s standing in line for you Americans), Flo Cornelius was doing NBD’s at the “Prime Tube Sessions.” I’ve seen front-board-pretzel-3-swaps but never back-board-pretzel-3-swap. Ye killing the skier game, Flo!

Number 5-  Tie: Kyle Mack and Jake Simpson

STU SAYS: Those of you that follow @Yobeat on Insta will know that I put the last trick down to a vote, pitting Euroland against Americaland. On one side we had Kyle Mack, making the almost-impossible look easy. Front-board-same-way-swap-pretzel-2. Having spent weeks and weeks learning these, I’ll tell ya, they are definitely NOT easy. On the other side of the pond we have my Welsh-born-French-resident-friend Jake Simpson with the most proper back-4-bring-back and a very hyped crew. Voting was kinda hard to tally up as a bunch of people voted on the clip order, not the instructions in the caption (SORAY! We’ll try to make it easier to understand for those of you who can’t read more than emojis next time) but both videos got a ton of votes so ye! They both win! Watch em and prepare to be dazzled.

If ye wanna submit your own trick ye have two ways. Email the links directly to (Soray at Yobeat dot com) or tag em #yotop5 on instagram. Guid cheerio the nou!


OPC: EUROPEANS WHO SEND IT – A Cross- Continental Mash Up

When it comes to 20117/18 Media relations, cross-continental Europeans are on top of that shit and they LOVE Yobeat. We love them too, and we also love you, dear viewer. So in the interest of global snowboard relations, we’re bringing you this mash up European Snowboard Video mega post! If you wanna complain, you have to log in now, and if you wanna watch the best European videos to drop in to our inbox the past week or three, scroll down and enjoy.

Via Finland: Nihmohojki 2017

So far, our attempts at understanding the difference between Sweden and Finland have failed – so we don’t know what the title of this video means, and we’re not gonna try and figure it out.

A short snowboard video made by Emil Vikström.
Featuring Niko Liias, Allu Penttala, Jens Hietala, Jonne Niemelä, Magnus Mäki, Emil Vikström, Joakím Boldó, Perttel Kaira-Aho & Miika Lappalainen.

The Innsbruck Connection at Bear Mountain

Austrians head to Bear Mountain and do all the stuff you’d expect on an epic Cali vacation.

Jonas Schäfer, Jelle Willams, Moritz Loef, Klaus Schwarzer, David Krieger, Taddäus van Treeck, Valentin Haslbeck

Legit Full Movie – Bad Plans // THIS ORDER

This full movie comes from Norway, or as we like to call it, the Minnesota of Europe

Featuring Sigurd Lindquist, Joakím Boldó, Håvard Roald, Didric Lothe & Kristoffer Lerånd. Filmed mostly in shitty conditions in Trondheim, Norway. Except Boldós shots, they where filmed somewhere in Finland/Sweden.

Filmed by Andreas Grong, Stian Karlsen & Sigurd Vaagland.

Additional filming by Zenja Potapov, Kristoffer Fredriksson, Tommi Ollikainen, Emil Vikström, Håkon Haslum, Alexander Klerud & Kristoffer Lerånd.

YouGoFirst’s Ressurection of the Shred

This video was deemed “too weird” by the European media. And yeah sure, it takes 2 minutes to get to the snowboarding, but the fact the YouGoFirst crew got the band back together makes us purr like baby kittens.

Filmed on Kitstzsteinhorn in October 2017
Riding by Nejc Pucko, Matic Zavodnik, Vid Barić, Vid Šubic, Flo Potzl, Rok Berglez
Filmed and edited by Rok Berglez

CRAP Opener with No Names

An officially-produced unofficial crew edit, which make us laugh because there’s a part of Laax called Crap – and there’s a poop emoji for that. 

Riders (in order of appearance):

Blume, Yannick Messmer, Linus Manser, Gian Oswald, Igor Wandfluh, Mario Feltscher, Joos Caviezel, Jeron Lohner

Filmed by Blume & Mathias
Edited by Mathias


This video has some BIG TIME sponsors. We’re not gonna tag any of them, but we do think that anything with Ethan Morgan in it should love forever in Yobeat mash up post infamy. Go to Methodmag if you wanna catch the next two parts. 

Chapter 1/3: Etna, Sicily Starring:Ethan Morgan and Simon Gruber Also featuring: Marco Grigis  Cinematography: Marco Morandi Photography: Roberto Bragotto

ECS Invitational 2017: Suck My Sixth at Seymour

How do you create your own legacy? Do something. And then do it again. And again and again and eventually people will remember it. Hopefully. 

Six years in – @ECSphoto has figured out that if he calls his event “basically the best” enough times, people will start to believe him. That’s a philosopy we can get behind and we think these 9-minutes of good, unwholesome, dirty, community-serving Canadian debauchery will convince you further.

Be careful, if you make it all the way to the end you might just end up booking a plane ticket from whatever-shittier-but-probaby-cheaper place you live to North Vancouver, BC next May for the 7th annual ESC Invitational at Mt. Seymour.

Film/Edit- Dan Norberg
Additional Footage- Russel Lee, Dave Walcer, Troy Erickson
Words- ECS


FRESH LITTER: The Chooches of Killington Vermont

Rebirth: (noun) a new or second birth, a renewed existence.

Featuring: Jake Fournier, Tim Major, Thomas Westcott, Will Steller, Trevor Eichelberger and Joey Leon.

Friends: Nate Haust, Max Lyons, Austin Esposito, Alfonso Esposito, Savannah Shinske, Jeremy Ellenberg, Levi Gunzburg, George McKeever-Parks, Spencer Davis, Omar Haidara

Words: Mike Garceau

Rebirth is a title more significant than the local Killington, VT crew, affectionately known as Chooches, may have realized when dropping its first full movie. To the Chooches, it meant winter of 2015/16 was basically trash on the East Coast, and for 2016/17 winter had a “rebirth.” So, they got to work filming around the Killington area and throughout Vermont.

Killington, VT is steeped in snowboard history. It’s been breeding ground for industry moguls such as Bridges, Land, Zimmerman, Geery and beyond. It’s the home base for The Gremlinz/GBP, has hosted major televised events such as the Dew Tour, and these days, is a destination for cash-hungry pro/ams looking to claim Rails 2 Riches.

In recent years though, a lull has existed. A gap in time without a recognized crew of riders, snowboarding their faces off and capturing it on camera. But that lull is over! With Chooches’ “Rebirth,” we get adolescent joy in an unpolished, feel-good flick about a group of friends making it happen. We caught up with Mr. Joey Leon, post-lecture at Groovy Uvy (UVM) where he’s currently a freshman to find out more! 

So we know the crew and why the movie is Rebirth… let’s look back at your arrival in Killington, VT.

Well, I was actually born here, and then moved to Simsbury, CT at two years old. In 2011, my family started to spend weekends and holidays back in VT at our family home. I was part of the weekend program at KMS with my sister (Maggie Leon) and that’s basically where it all began. I was being coached by Evan Ricker at the time, who introduced me to Darkside Snowboards, and from there I met Will Steller, Jake Fournier, and George McKeever-Parks. That’s really when the crew formed, when we were like 12 or 13, and we picked up friends along the way.


A post shared by Joey Leon (@_choooch_) on

2011, your family starts spending time in Killington, VT again. You’re all of a sudden the young bloods at Darkside Snowboards, talk about that impact on you and the crew.

Darkside has seriously been the biggest influence on my snowboarding, and everything that our crew has accomplished. The support is difficult to put into words. We’d spend hours there, binge watching snowboard movies, hanging with Ricker and Mills. If we weren’t out riding, we were at Darkside, probably being annoying little kids, but we just loved being there. That place is home. Even in the summers, my parents would go golfing, Maggie and I would just spend the day at Darkside, skating the miniramp. It’s crazy to think how it might be different if we hadn’t had the support of Darkside from the very beginning.

Darkside Snowboards has really been the ticket in Killington, VT and really across the state, supporting so many riders and the local community. What was it like coming into the shop that young, with guys like Tim Major, Ricker, Mills, and I’m sure many more having such a strong presence.

Yeah I mean, Darkside for life. It’s so sick that they support us all like they do. Ricker and Mills were a big influence on the direction my snowboarding went. Ricker was literally my coach at KMS for a few years, and Mills always had the camera out. I looked up to Timmy, I still do. He works harder than I think a lot of people realize, like insanely hard when we’re out at spots. In the beginning Timmy always supported my riding, helped out when I couldn’t get a trick, shit like that. I’ve really learned from him, when you’re at a spot the only important thing is to get the shot. Timmy is zero bullshit, it’s just hard work, the second we roll up until everyone has their shot. It’s so sick to have him in our movie now, as a homie that I can always count on, it really brought it all together for me. He’s put out some solo parts, and has had some shots in other movies, and it’s sick for me to give the dude that I look up to a spot in our movie. It really completes it.


A post shared by Joey Leon (@_choooch_) on

Joey, down for life with Darkside Snowboards

We’re coming into 2018, why now? It seems like it took a while to get to this point, releasing your first film as, Chooches.

Yo, well there’s more to it. It really goes back to when I met Jake, when we were like 13 or something. We have always been filming, putting shit out on YouTube, really just for us at first. We had no idea what we were doing, and we’re honestly still figuring it out. But anyways, a few seasons back, we filmed an entire movie. It was going to be so sick, Darkside Young Bloods, we were so hyped. We’ve moved on and learned a lot, so not going to point any fingers, but we lost the entire movie to a crashed hard drive. It was really, really bad. That experience makes Rebirth mean that much more to us all. We’re stoked to be releasing this, and already we know what we’re looking to change for next year.

Not talking about next year yet… What’s your favorite clip in the movie?

Timmy’s layback, back 1 out of the wooden close-out. It was so fucked. That was a two-story drop off the back, into a sketchy bank that you can’t even tell in the movie, was all ice. Gnarliest thing I’ve ever filmed, and he just rode away like a G. Oh, and I have to mention Omar! He doesn’t even really snowboard, he’s just part of the crew, and like does his own thing. The ender in the friends segment is Omar, so fucked that he landed that. We were all probably more stoked on that than anyone else putting down a trick in that whole movie.

And there were some decent bails… Any shot that was way harder to get than it should’ve been?

Definitely. We were actually right in Killington, on this wooden rail. Well, most of the movie is wooden rails, but anyways. Yeah, we were working on this rail, sawing down knobs, and yo we actually ran out of there the first day. So creepy, I looked up in this tree and this mannequin head just locked eyes with me, I swear. We literally ran. Went back the next day, the mannequin head wasn’t even there!! But this spot took both Jake and I, a couple hours to get our shots. George is so sick when we’re at spots and we just can’t get it. Honestly like George is just always down, he’s got a few shots in the friends part, and really he is always there to help make it happen. He’s actually sitting next to me right now, reminding me how hard it was to get that shot, ha.

The crew seems super close, even though you’re all spread out now at college, right?

Yeah, most of us are away at school. It was hard at first. Will was the first to head out, he’s a bit older than me and he went out to Utah. We’re still super close, and literally we film as much as we can when he is back East on school break. This year more of us are at school though, and I actually think it’s really going to help us. Jake is at URI, George and I are roommates at UVM, and Thomas is up here in Burlington now too. We’ll all meet in Killington for the most part, and we can always link with Timmy there. I’m also really stoked to be close to Maggie again, she’s here at UVM too, and we are definitely focused on a full part for her this season. It’s going to be sick to have places to stay, like go hit spots in Rhode Island now, around Burlington and really just get outside of Killington more. The fact that we aren’t around each other as much, I think we’re going to work that much harder at spots and it will all come together, just making us better.


A post shared by Joey Leon (@_choooch_) on

Now seems like a good time to talk about the plans for this season.

Travel. The more I think about it, the more I realize like 90% of Rebirth is on wooden rails. That’s seriously just because we rarely left Killington, and if we did, we were still really close to the area. It’s going to be sick to hit some shit we’re actually comfortable going sideways on, wood is so sketchy. We’re looking at hitting some spots in Canada, and like I said, seeing Jake in Rhode Island and shit. We got a new lens too, been a dream for Jake and I forever, that we never really expected to own. Maggie bought a HVX and her part is really a big focus. Other than that, just going to focus on getting better, filming some more b-roll, new angles… we’re learning a lot and can’t wait to keep going.

Looking forward to seeing it go down man. Any last mentions?

Shout-out to my Mom, have to start there, she is #1. Darkside Snowboards and the whole family there, Billy Langlands, Evan Ricker, Tyler Mills, Tucker Zink, Ron Chiodi for all the help on the movie, Killington Parks, and I mean you’re interviewing me, but Mike Garceau. There’s really been so many people along the way, and I know I talk for the whole crew when we say we can’t thank everyone enough for all the support. We’re stoked to start filming again, and I hope everyone has a great year.

Stinky Socks Holiday Look Book 2017

The global snowboard community is made up of amazing people and one of our favorite humans has to be a Bulgarian named Risto who runs Stinky Socks. Not only did he get Yobeat snowboard socks made for us this season, but he has hooked up lots of our friends including, but not limited too: Strange Brew, Too Hard, Yawgoons, Lucas Magoon, All of the Gremlinz, Jeffy Gabrick and MOAR. Why? You ask? Well, there’s a soulful and beautiful video to answer none of your questions and you can watch it above. Or if you’d prefer – you can visit to learn, watch, read and purchase every sock your heart could possibly desire. 

Appearances by: Deo Katunga, Elena Nazarova, Dimitar Dimov, Zdavko Keremidchiev, Nikolay Dimitrov, Yavor Ski, Johnny Miller, Jesse Alfredo, Vladimir Todorov, Bob Abrams, Austin Young, Taylor Jeffers, Marcus Rand, Vladimir Ivanov

Like to read more than listen? Us too, here’s the full “Life” poem, Written by Bea Giusti.

Why am I here? In this place,
In this country, In this city,
In this moment, Today?
I wonder what is the reason behind Every flower,
Every being,
Every breath,
The sky.
Life is full of mystery, Full of secrets.
And a million questions fill my mind. Every day, all the time.
Wondering why I exist.
But till I find the answers for my questions, Which I may never even find,
I’ll keep beathing.
I’ll keep smiling.
I’ll keep feeling. I’ll keep crying.
I will live.
In the best way I can.
Cause life is to be lived.
And every detail of it matters in some way.
Maybe that’s the answer…
Life is to live.
To live an amazing and beautiful adventure.
One day I will be gone.
And I just wanna be just that I did the best that I could.
That I lived.
That’s what matters. To live life.


BY POPULAR DEMAND: Danyale Patterson’s 2017/18 Masterpiece “Yas Quain” has dropped in its entirety and HERE. IT. IS. If the Catfish  wasn’t busy stuffing his face, and still worked here, it would have been posted days ago. But he doesn’t, and our posting kitty had a lot of karaoke to sing last night, so 3,612 of you have already seen this (not to mention: everyone in RENO.)  For the rest of you baaaaaaaaaaad bitches, Danyale is an artist and you will LOVE it. 

Return of the People’s Court – The Inaugural 2017/18 Competition

Welcome to the NEW INTERNET WORLD, where there are SOO MANY DAMN WAYS to share your content that it makes them all feel worthless (sadface). But YOU’RE NOT WORTHLESS! You, dear Yobeat reader, are a valuable member of snowboard society and damn it, we think YOU’RE SPECIAL. So, in hopes of filtering through the madness, we’re bringing back the People’s Court and here’s how it’s gonna work! You EMAIL us THE LINK to your edit for a chance to be featured. Jerm watches them and says “yes” or “no.” Our mysterious posting kitty does not actually watch them and puts five edits together in one post. You guys comment, share and bicker. And whoever we deem most worthy, based largely on our gut instincts (which are easily swayed by the polls and comments below) will get a FULL ON Yobeat feature post, including an INTERVIEW. 

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