Drink Bongs; Whistler Spring ’16


Angus Draper has been drinking Canadian bong water since spring, and this is the creative result.

  • Coincidence?

    Jibgurl420 spotted @4:20

  • You know those ideas you have when you’re stoned?

    Some of them should probably just stay ideas. Case in point right here.

    Also, why does new rap suck so much? Remember when rappers actually had to have a vocabulary and something to say?

  • You know everytime you pretend to know what you’re saying?

    On the other hand, fear is a paralyzing bitch. New rap is just provocation in simpler terms. Less is more. Same as it ever was.

    • ?

      If less is more then why was there so much extra unnecessary crap in this edit?

      • New gen

        Because the shit was funny man lighten up

        • sdfsd


  • obnoxious mike

    super, i managed to stand for 3 min.
    new record for crap.

  • alex


  • Uhhhh

    Wtf did I just watch? I want my 3 mins back

  • fred

    i think if you can only complete a trick by looking like you got hit by a bus it’s probably best not to try it

  • This is some tripped out stuff, i clicked watch because the chick had her boobies out 😛