Sincerely, Brighton

Featuring Jeff Holce, Alex Cato, Sean Whitaker, Christian Buliung, Mike Rav, Jack Dawe, Alex Rodway, Peter Cerulo and Nils Mindnich in Utah.

Filmed by Seamus Foster and Jeremy Thornburg
Edit by Seamus Foster

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  1. Perdonme
    Perdonme says:

    You know.. sometimes.. when you call the bullshit and you’re like what’d you do-Chris Farley and then later you’re like could Scott run hell and you’re like hell yea spin to win

  2. Chief snaggletooth
    Chief snaggletooth says:

    Good vid, cept for Rav. this knees together, forced 90s style with the jacket unzipped bums me the fuck out.

  3. Brightonnonlocal
    Brightonnonlocal says:

    When’s Brighton gonna get off the east-coast’s nuts? Waaaay sicker locals that have been riding there for years and every edits rav, builing, whatever the other guy with the nickname is called. I guess whatever’s trendy…

    • Quadcopter
      Quadcopter says:

      You talking about party pete? Id be careful, that guy will steal your girl, bang your mom and burn your house down. Shaun white wont even fly in on his helicopter to fuck with party.

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