Kody Williams Injured / Fundraiser

Kody Williams 2K14 from FootyFIEND.com on Vimeo.

Yesterday on Monday December 19th Canadian shredder Kody Williams sustained a head injury riding in Vancouver. He was taken to a local hospital and remains in the ICU. We’ve gotten reports that he’s in a medically induced coma and his family are on route to Vancouver to be by his side while he receives care.

His friends have set up a GoFundMe to help with costs. Hit that up here, and donate anything you can, or just send overall good vibes his way.

We will update further as we can.

Donate here.

Read Kody’s Hump Day Interview from last fall here, to learn more about him.

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    • Ian Turner
      Ian Turner says:

      Basic healthcare is free in Canada. Treatments which may dramatically help Kody may not be covered, hence an extra cost.

    • Lili
      Lili says:

      Cost of flights for the family at this time are over 800$ a person. As well as stay and food cost. I’m sure they didn’t budget this into their Christmas budget. Stays in Vancouver are insane anytime of the year, you can double that at Christmas. And also BC is one of the provinces isn’t 100% free health care.

    • FUCK this guy ^
      FUCK this guy ^ says:

      Fuck you man!! Why you gotta bring ur smart ass shit here. Our brother is in ICU and who knows how long his recovery will be. The kid wont be able to do anything for months. The least we can do is give him a few bucks to make his life a bit less stressful once he wakes up. Goddamn, that comment pissed me off.

    • FUCK
      FUCK says:

      common go fuck yourself, think we don’t know this shit? shoulda woulda coulda doesn’t change the fact our brother needs support and love.

  1. H8ter G8tor
    H8ter G8tor says:

    Over here in ON/QC helmets are mandatory and I like it that way, every one is wearing one. I’m not going to donate you money because you were smoking blunts and acting cool in the park then slammed your head. Don’t care how good you are.

    • Ian Turner
      Ian Turner says:

      Really? In ON/QC street riding is governed by Helmet Regulations? WOW? Amazing!

      Fairly sure Kody was riding street when this happened, something you’d know nothing about, scrub.

      Stop giving the east coast a bad name and go crawl under a rock.

      • FUCK U
        FUCK U says:

        What a fuckin dick who fucking cares if he smokes or doesn’t wear a helmet its his choice but thats besides the point he needs people support what happend to him was fucked up if some shit like this happend to you, you would hope people would help you out regardless

    • FUCK this guy ^^
      FUCK this guy ^^ says:

      FUCK YOU too. He was in the streets, not a park, and yeah no shit he could have had a helmet on and it might have saved him a bit. But you think we all ain’t know that?? Shoulda coulda woulda. Either way our brother needs support and you gotta come on here talkin shit like that. Go fuck yourself.

  2. YouallSUCK
    YouallSUCK says:

    Cant believe theres people in here hating and giving shit you all can quit snowboarding and go suck a dick kid had a major injury and you cant chill for 30 seconds

  3. Byefelicia
    Byefelicia says:

    Shame on you. You guys are ruthless. If u don’t have anything nice to say get lost and maybe worry about getting a soul and life instead. Bad karma is heading your way assholes. So glad there are more kind people than people like you. Get fucked.

    • FUCK this guy ^^
      FUCK this guy ^^ says:

      Thank you! Kody is the shit, and its horrible anyone is saying “he should have had a helmet on” NO FUCKING SHIT. FUCK these people.

  4. sman
    sman says:

    dont get it twisted, 12 year old straight edge kids been spouting off non snowboard right wing views for a looong time on this site, just because someone has a snowboard doesn’t mean they get it.. just ignore

  5. FUCK
    FUCK says:

    WE LOVE YOU KODY! FUCK these people hating on here. We obviously know wearing a helmet MIGHT have changed the outcome, but the point is our brother needs support and love. GO FUCK YOURSELVES to anyone talkin shit, and just watch the karma come your way. KODY is the best dude and never spoke negative of anyone.

    • shut up
      shut up says:

      youve said the same thing about 10 times bud. how is screaming fuck over and over again helping homie out?

  6. Sfashhsushebdhsn
    Sfashhsushebdhsn says:

    Anybody that is writing ANYTHING Negative on this page is a waste of skin ….. People like you really ruin my faith in humanity 🙁 there is a humans life in danger and your trying to give life advice and criticize other people’s lifestyles… Take that negativity and rot it in . PRAY and RIDE for this fallen homie

  7. TROOF
    TROOF says:



  8. Johnny garlic
    Johnny garlic says:

    That last clip from superpark was easily one of the most stylish things iv seen done on a snowboard. Get well soon dawg

  9. Josh
    Josh says:

    Just donated. Guy has insane style, and I am hoping for the best.

    Definitely no clue whether a helmet could have helped out in this situation or not, but those of you saying that mentioning it is irrelevant or insensitive are missing the point.

    I know it won’t be solved in a Yobeat comment, but this is an opportunity to have a legitimate discussion about safety, trends, etc. Helmets are uncomfortable, uncool, and expensive, but this shit is not skateboarding. The backcountry has hidden rocks, trees, etc. and riders in the streets are hitting gigantic features and regularly going way faster than skaters.

    We’ve lost a number of influential people over the years; Gregg Todds and Aaron Robinson come to mind. We’ve almost lost others. Kevin Pearce has repeatedly stated that he would have died had it not been for his helmet. Furthermore, I am sure everyone on here knows someone or at least knows someone who knows someone who has had a traumatic brain injury.

    Basically, hopes and prayers for Kody, but don’t shut down discussion that may help others in the future avoid this sort of situation or mitigate its effects.

  10. DarkHelmet
    DarkHelmet says:

    Poor kid. Shoulda coulda woulda………..wont help him or his family –but the discussion will help others. Helmets are not expensive—theyre like $40–used helmets–theyre not uncomfortable–I dont even notice mine and I could give SHIT about what punks think. I feel good about having some head protection just in case someone slams into me….Its not so much about me crashing—everyone is different.
    What I find interesting are these insane street moves in snowboarding. These kids dont bother with a helmet? WTF–you are a street rider and not wearing a helmet—what the fuck is wrong with you?
    Gooner–bless his heart–love that dude and his inimitable style—but the dude has front lobe brain damage from that skate fall—yet he still continues to ride without a helmet?
    WTF? Someone needs to talk to him—one more bad fall and hes going to be blowing bubbles and his wife wiping his ass.
    Treat yourself with respect and wear that helmet.

  11. Paul Bourdon
    Paul Bourdon says:

    Echoing the others sentiments about the people hating on this dude for not wearing a helmet. The people hating on this kid for not wearing a helmet suck. This isn’t the time nor the place for that kind of bullshit. If this was one of your homies or yourself you would not want that kind of response at all. Injuries suck. The cost of injuries goes well beyond medical bills. Don’t be a dickhead when it comes to shit like this. If you have nothing constructive to add to the conversation, then shut the fuck up.

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