Floating Pyramids – The Middle Path Project – Full Length Adventure


“Washington, Alaska, Japan. They form a pyramid of powder in the North Pacific, unrivaled anywhere in the world. This is a semi-chronological chronicling of our winter long search for the power of the powder pyramid in the most environmentally aware way we knew how. We rode at Stevens Pass, WA, which happens to be the “greenest” resort in North America, offsetting all of their energy use in sustainable wind power. We saved all of our trash that could be recycled in the US, that otherwise would have been incinerated, while visiting Japan. We drove 3000 miles North, entirely on waste cooking oil, to ride Valdez, Alaska’s incredible Floating Pyramids.”

Featuring Ian Wood, Mark Rainery, Tyler Morton, Matt Wainhouse, Tamo Campos, Ryan Mclaughlin, Travis, Claughton, Shin Biyajima, Andy Berginsperry, and more

  • Daryl Dawkins

    Buncha fuckin’ Daryls if you ask me.

    nice work dudes.