Island Born – Eiki Helgason Documentary


Part three of the Island Born series (zine, full part, and documentary) follows Eiki’s path from a potato farm in Iceland to becoming the countries first pro snowboarder, and most recently, the winner of the first ever Yobeat “Helgason of the Year Award.” Narrated by Stan.

  • Jo bend her whole foods??

    EH EH !?!?!?!

  • Ken bradshaw

    I fought with these Hawaiian guys and afterwards I told them no its you guys who take it seriously. Really makes you wonder when Dane kealoha says he grew up enjoying the waves, not running from them.

  • Big wave surfing

    Does it take the cake? Then again, if you’re not giving it everything you got then you’re just taking up space.

  • On an unrelated note

    I have not yet met front board Kevin. I have met black Chris Brown Kevin the roots reaper Kevin who moonlights as a hotel concierge.

  • Lil ‘bud’dha

    stan is the fucking king, i want a full part of him sending in 80s gear

  • when eiki falls off the horse I lost it.