Jade Phelan – Mr. Pink


Mr. Pink in the Keystone park. Appearance by Alex Malik.

  • Hater

    Stupid hair

  • i seent it

    dude rips. his backflip japan at love games last year was sick af.

  • Racist asian

    You so lockdown. White man look so good next to snow.

  • stanDARSH

    dang he’s so cool i want to start smoking weed and have pink hair just like him!

    • trimmigrant

      whats matter DARSH? French fry’d when you shoulda pizza’d? if you do that you’re not gonna have a good time

  • Soderzaceatsweatysacks

    Nightmare blows. Garbage boards, arrogant team, and terrible “too cool for you” attitude.

    • Yup

      That could not be further from the truth. Those dudes are all incredibly nice.

      • ya right!

        fuck nightmare! that shit sucks!!!

  • El_chupacabra

    jade is probably one of the nicest/happiest dudes in snowboarding. sick one jade!

    • the ghost of scott seifert

      kinda seems like a prick when he’s lapping keystone actually

  • eisenhower tunnel

    weird cause everyone i’ve met associated with Nightmare has been super cool and personable to me and beyond stoked on snowboarding. they just don’t care for the heavy kook factor in summit is all. Nightmare don’t care

    • fuckoff

      Heavy kook factor? Are you referring people who just go ride snowboards for fun and don’t feel the need to dye their hair or wear an outfit to go play in the snow? Nightmare snowboards, the state of Colorado, and this fuckin’ queer with the pink hair can fuck right off.

      • DADswag

        What’s not fun about dyeing your hair or wearing outfits?

      • eisenhower tunnel

        nope. I’m referring to all the kids who live in summit on mommy and daddys bankroll and think the Dew tour is snowboarding

  • Jamal smith

    Nature.. is what skateboarding is..

  • hahah

    this kids a fucking KOOK!!!!!

  • 8th grade me

    yeah i mean i guess nightmare is “Cool” if cool is a bunch of adults dressing like teenages boasting about being core.



  • Slut

    Ultimately the most fire park edit of the year