2016 X Games Real Snow Backcountry Parts


Unfortunately if you want to watch all these you’ll have to sit through the same video game ad each time, which is almost as long as each edit. Sadly from here on out you will Loathe any mention or site of the game “Steep.” But here are this years contenders for X Games Super Champion Gold Medalist in Real Snow Backcountry. The viewers votes count for a small percentage of the medal equation so hit up xgames.com, and watch the Steep ad a few more times, then pick your favorite.

Bode Merril

Eric Jackson

Scotty Lago

Brian Iguchi

Mikey Rencz

John Jackson

Head to xgames.com to vote for your favorite.

  • chad

    Bode, EJack, Mickey, and John Jackson’s parts were good.

    The Guch and Lago’s were not good.

  • fuck off


  • throw in the towel

    Iguchi’s part might win a women’s am contest.

    • wutang

      go home kid.

    • yes

      this man speaks the truth. There needs to be a standard and his part did not live up to it. Sure he is a legend and has paved the way but I bet even he didn’t think it was good.

  • my .02

    Ejack should receive strong consideration from the voters for putting together a part that doesn’t have a single wedge in it. Anyone can build a wedge in a spot that’s prime, but it takes a lot of creative vision to use only natural terrain to film a part at this level. Hats off to Ejack. Everyone else’s parts were solid, but that’s what made Ejack’s part stand out for me.

    Also while Guch’s part was a little less impressive than the other entries you have to respect a guy who has 12-15 years on most of the other dudes in this competition. Talk shit all you want but Guch has been pro probably longer than you’ve been riding.

  • wutang