Danny Gilbota Hump Day Interview


Interview by Dawson McLachlan

image3Photo by Matt Stetzon

From Kitchener Ontario, Danny Glibota is a highly idolized local hero. From his trademarked hand steeze, to the absurdity in lingo, Danny has made a strong mark on local snowboard culture. One of my first memories of Danny is when he won a preseason rail jam at his home mountain, Chicopee, for doing a tame dog out of a box. Okay, the man absolutely merked the set-up, and likely would have walked away with first, no-tame-dog-necessary. But if you know Danny, he does what needs to be done to get the money. Years later, Danny is still winning contests, and still honoring the 10% rule, though I’ve seen him bless 100% on his mans. – Mark Goodall

DM: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’ve been up to recently?
DG: What up Monica? For those of you who don’t know me my names Daniel Glibota, aka DannyG, aka DannyGheezz on Instagram. I’m a 22-year-old boarder currently living in Kitchener Ontario, Canada. When I’m not poaching Blue Mountain or Glen Eden, you can find me working drywall or taping in some random dudes basement. Currently I’m just saving money and waiting for the snow to start falling here in Ontario. 

I can fucks with that, remember those checkered Nomis hoodies that everyone had? Those were sick, tell us how you got on Nomis and how you felt when you found out they where going under.
Richie Hughes hooked that up for me big time. A few years ago Richie was the rep for both Nomis/Technine. He offered me a flow sponsorship for both company’s, but at the time I was getting stuff from Union and Stepchild, and I didn’t really have faith in Technine anymore. I told him I wanted to wear the Nomis gear, so he got me a jacket and pair of pants for the season. Fast forward a year later, Richie and I are hammered at the Déjavu premiere in Toronto. He told me he wouldn’t be working as a rep the next year and that he would let Simon know about my situation before quitting. A week or two later I got an email from Simon Chamberlain asking what I needed for the season. Richie Hughes is a boss.

Boss status indeed, sounds Fuego.
Mucho Fuego sir, Mucho Fuego. I was a little bit bummed at first, Nomis is one of those company’s that so many people were stoked on for a while then just basically hit a brick wall. I remember watching the Child Support video on repeat when it first came out — Joe Sexton’s part is on another level in that movie — but I think the company just hit a point of no return. Wide stance baggy pants… it just couldn’t last forever.

It could’ve lasted forever, I just think you have a negative outlook on things. Last year you made a lot of money from winning contests but did you film a part at all?
Yeah, getting paid to snowboard is tight. I didn’t have a car last season so I didn’t have as much freedom as I usually do to go film, find spots and roll with the squad. At the same time I wasn’t working, so I was kinda relying on the contests to win me money so I could snowboard afterwards. Last winter wasn’t the greatest for me. But yeah, I went up to Sudbury for a weekend to film with Joel, Dawson, Marty, Keenan, Ben, Kody, and the G of all G’s Lenny Mazzotti. It’s funny cause when I first started riding , I used to watch the Midget Mafia edits and think to myself “Godamn, I wanna be part of that.” I’m holding you to it though Lenny… get me a box.

I met up with the guys a few more times throughout the season and got maybe 45 seconds of footage. I’m stoked on all the clips I got. Hats off to Joel Vachon for the editing and filming skillz. Watch the movie he made below. 

Yeah Joel does do wonders with the cam that is for sure. What happened with Trash League? You had some insane clips with them in the Digital Weekend series, then out of nowhere you were filming with Pocket Figures the next year.
Things just got tech. All of us lived a distance away from each other so it got difficult for me too meetup with the boys when they were filming. Then one time I got stranded in Toronto after I guess you can say “miscommunication” happened between me and Chmil. I was down $15.50, two hours away from home, and all I wanted to do was snowboard. I called my friend Joel and he said he was actually heading to Toronto to film for his movie Beyond Compare. I asked if he could grab me from the bus station and he was down. It all kinda went from there. I’m hyped on all the things I did with the Trash League guys, but I guess some good things come to an end.

That makes sense, just rolled with the punches I guess you could say. What were your thoughts on Play’d?
Play’d was tight, Play’d was tight. 

Who’s your favourite boarder right now?
Liam Robinson hands down. 

image4Photo by Matt Stetzon 

Believe that, Liam goes. What’s your favourite place to board?
Gotta stick to the roots, Chicopee Ski Hill. The park is serviced by a magic carpet, not a rope tow… A fucking magic carpet. But it’s still one of the funnest places to board.

Chicopee is super steezy. Trump or Hilary?
Bernie should’ve won. 

Bernie was cool, he was pretty old though. What if he died half way through from like a heart attack or something old people get? That would’ve suckedOkay Danny last question, why did you take almost 2 months to answer a few simple questions?
Because I got high. Literally that’s the answer. 

dannygPhoto Matt Stetzon

First off I wanna shoutout my sponsors who help me do what I love to do, Brandon Cordell from Burton for all my softgood/hardgood needs, Malcolm Vaughn from Sanction Skate and Snow for having my back for the past seven years, Matt Dear and all the guys behind Salmon Arms for keeping my paws dry, Tmoney an waybach nostalgia.. Still haven’t seen that box fam. Also wanna give a big shoutout to Dawson McLachlan, Hayden “Snow Child” Edwards and Cooper Dykeman. Seems like every time I meetup with those guys one of us is forced to pull trig, which is not usually a good thing, but it sure passes the time. Also Tomi Maletic for teaching me how to snowboard, and helping me build my moms basement. Sam Thompson, Andrew Rodriguez, everyone I board with at Chicopee. My beautiful girlfriend Kiranjit for staying with a guy like me, Liam “BOOBEYES” Robinson, all the Pocket Figures and FIDP homies for always putting fun over everything else. Mark Goodall for cutting off his dreads. All the homies out west.

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