The Zoo | A Snowboard Movie


The youth of Minneapolis shred local hotspots like Hyland Hills and Trollhaugen. Featuring: AJ Ronning, Nick Belbas, Scotty P, Jasper Lazor, Brody Sanderson, Adam Vick, Lukas Caye, and friends.


    every on of those dudes look pro as hell ….nice edit

  • Scotty P Groupy


  • hell yeah brothr

    Fucking right scotty p

  • Ya Boi

    Fucking Jump Jocks. Everyone at hyland hates these fucks.

  • go scott!!

    Scotty P breakthrough part of the year!!

  • sauce on top of sauce.
    ice on top of ice.
    Scotty P can grab his board, and it look hella nice.

  • me

    i need a board made out of an ice cream lid too

  • Trump

    Scotty P President 2020

  • the inclusion of jumps = +1 for being versatile good to know there are still kids in the midwest that can handle a table