Shorts and Shades 9


Tre Squad goes back to Bachelor for the ninth gathering of dudes shredding in Shorts and Shades. Featuring: Gus Warbington, Max Warbington, Logan Beaulieu, Jared Elston (MVP), Will (Chett) Dennis, Stratton Matteson, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, JD Dennis, Destry Serna, Parker Gonnet, Conner Turney, Demetri Bales, Tyler Orton, Randal Seaton, Kyle McCollum, Trenton Bilesner, Van Allen, Tanner Annichiarico, Lucas Wachs, Wiley Jones, Nora Beck, Dready Teddy, Justin Sampson, Drew Brownrigg, Juan Baker, and the Minion.

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  1. someoldguy
    someoldguy says:

    The perfect combination of shred and buffoonery.

    The kids are alright…

    If you lost a distinctive water bottle in pioneer, you can find it in 106.

  2. HaterMcBaiter
    HaterMcBaiter says:

    I like how you had Michael Jay Fox film your movie. But seriously, this was fucking awesome. The fact that this is not perfect makes it 10/10.

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