☾🔥 S3GC0S at Mammoth Opening Weekend

Mammoth opening weekend is in the books and S3GC0S was there. Jeff Holce, Pete Cimmino, Pete Cerulo, Sammy Blaze, Christian Buling conquered bushes, rocks, and the pink features. Video by Andrew Nagel.

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    • Trivia frenzy
      Trivia frenzy says:

      Interestingly enough, did you know brand new recently toured with modest mouse? Holy cow! Talk about strange!

    GEORGE says:

    ,MAN back in 1989 Mammoth had 48 feet of snow by now .. I was so rad then .. I could even pee without hitting my sneekers ..

  2. From society. regarding style.
    From society. regarding style. says:

    christian building is the actual worst. reflected both in his style and personal conduct.

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