A Reader’s Review of the Game “Mark McMorris Infinite Air”



Review by  Joshua Kodis

I like snowboarding. I also like video games. Every once in a while someone decides to combine the two. Back in the 90’s we were blessed with titles like Cool Boarders, ESPN X-Games Pro Boarder, and the legendary Amped series. Then for some reason, it became difficult to develop a fun snowboarding video game. We ended up wasting money on titles such as SSX and that god awful Shaun White game. Then there was nothing. Silent years where no game developer dared to mix those two ingredients together again. Until now, we were given a new game to slash digital pixel pow pow. Infinite Air: Featuring Mark McMorris hit the store shelves earlier this month, and here is my review.

It sucks. You can save yourself some time and stop reading right now, because that’s all you really need to know before you go and waste your mother’s hard earned cash. However, I will provide my reasons for those of you who need extra convincing. My biggest complaint with Infinite Air is its controls. Gone are the days where you could push a single button and stomp out methods and ridiculous tricks that you would never be able to pull off in the real world. Infinite Air has you pulling trigger buttons, pushing analogs, releasing everything, then pulling triggers and analogs again mid air. Controls flying all over the damn place. I have to think harder about my tricks playing Infinite Air than I do with my actual snowboard tricks. When I stomp a trick playing the game, I don’t even know what the hell I did. Anything cool I do is completely accidental.

If you can make it past the controls, the game lacks any content. I honestly think the game developers built a mountain generator, gave you the tools to place a few jumps and shit, and then decided to call it quits and let you make the damn game yourself. It gets boring really fast, since there really isn’t any purpose to play other than just cruising down the mountain. You can create and share runs with all your sucker friends who were dumb enough to buy this game, but you’ll get frustrated with the strange physics. Placing a jump or a rail is difficult due to not knowing how far you’re going to launch off the feature. You’ll hit the first kicker on your run and fly over everything else you created. They really did mean “Infinite Air.” It’s just ridiculous.

The best thing about this game are its sound effects combined with the one thing Infinite Air does well, and that’s just carving down the face of a mountain. Maybe the developers were soul-carving purists? The sound of the wind and snow as you cut lines was noticeably better than previous games I’ve played. You might — and I do stress might — get a few hours of enjoyment out of this game before you question what else you could have spent your moms money on. My advice is to wait for a price drop, which probably isn’t too far off. Or, wait and see if the next game coming out in December, Steep, is any better.

Until then, maybe skip it and watch some videos instead. Or go snowboarding. It’s winter now!


    the guy that wrote this story is FULL OF INFINATE HOT AIR .. NOBODY CARES

    • Dat Boi

      Apparently you’re new to YoBeat, yet somehow, like all the members here, you have zero clue how caps and ellipses work—are you the Matrix?

      • georg

        I am matrix ….fag

  • Did you even try to learn how to play the game? It’s actually really easy to do the tricks you want to if you know how

  • moles

    yobeat has it really come to this? this shit is tracked… dont like talking crazy over the internet but goddamn all your new content blows balls

  • no

    Why does the font change halfway through? Does Yobeat let absolutely anyone write for their site?

  • Eat dick

    Its not that bad. Its just a hard game to get used to. Its supposed to be a game that gets updated by community feed back. Atleast this game has a creator and doesnt have complete shit controls like steep. Once you get it down, it is the skate equivalent of snowboarding.

    Funny part is he complains he wants a button masher game. Lets not go back to that.

  • yeah but

    Twisted Edge for n64! No one remembers that shit. One of the best to make it on a cartridge.

  • J.P.

    The game Snow on steam is way better!
    Done buy a couple of cool swedish guys and the best thing is, that it is for free!!!

  • Trillbo Swaggins

    Why can’t they just make skate 3 but on snow and the board is attached to your feet

  • Wildcard-Skizerp

    Snowboard Kids for N64 was the sickest.

  • sman

    Ha ha ha.. that’s a good review.. I stopped reading after it sucks and I believe him. Bring back Skate. SSX Tricky was horrible but not horrible in some ways. Cool shout outs on different games to look up on this thread.

  • SNOW the game is better and its only 20 buck

  • ricky winterborn

    what about me?

  • J

    Beta tested steep and it’s way better

  • I felt the same as the reviewer at first, but you gotta give it a chance. I almost gave up because I couldn’t get the controls down, but once I did it got way sicker. Can do shit like nose roll to nollie 360 onto a nose press triple kink. Check out some of the YouTube vids peeps have made of the gameplay. It’s actually really realistic and I’d much rather have complex controls then SSX style simplicity.

    Basically, this dude is way hyperbolic, game is actually pretty fun. Somebody get him a chill pill with a beer or 3 to wash it down