Horizon Lines – Trailer


Disconnecting from the daily grind and negative energy we are exposed to, we set off on the horizon in search of
meaningful connections to the environment. Natural bonds that transcend boundaries.

The world is our inspiration. We travel to see whats beyond the horizon line. This time tomorrow we’ll be in a new place in a new land using our love for snowboarding and surfing as guidance. What powers your passion? Whats beyond your horizon line?

For us it’s that feeling of fulfillment and determination to see whats out there and what the new adventures the day will bring.

Iceland x Chile x Japan

Starring: Forrest Shearer, Jeremy Jones, Josh Dirksen, Bryan Iguchi, Orange Man, Kohl Christensen, Alex Lopez, Nick Russell, Kael Martin, Griffin Siebert, Chris Christenson, Alex Yoder, Ramon Navarro, and friends.

a film by: Nick Kalisz & Field Day Studio
photographer: Andrew Miller
original score: Sean Cameron & Dave McLeod of Subtropic Sound

  • Release info beyond “late November”?

    Looking pretty good Luis!


    pathetic …like the Rice national geo film ….. 2% of snowboarders are amped on this type of film

    • The butthurt is strong with this one.

      Good young padawan let the hate flow through you. You will soon realize the power of the dark side.


    move on Guich , quit trying to extend your gay ass powder savagery ..move on , or do what you want just please don’t film it and for gods sake don’t show us ..

  • mickey dora senior

    go surf kooks

  • terje

    a all gay crew …. nice touch