Footy Fiend Goes to Banff


Braedon Wheeler, Kody Williams, Bryce Bugera, Finn Westbury, JJ Westbury, and Brin Alexander at Sunshine Village.

  • what Niggers ?

    sick park ….help us / Calif .local

  • squurt

    The riding is on point… but these guys need to stop thinking their trap lords with the shitty music and gang references throughout the vid

    • squurt is a fucking kook

      You need to stop commenting on these videos because no one likes you.

  • Bro !

    a-men , shitty music .. be a gang banger / don’t pretend .. by playing crap tunes

  • ok

    impressive that these consistently have the shittiest music possible.

  • youthofAMERICA


  • The end is near

    The world is fucked up damnit

  • FF

    I am pretty disappointed in the close mindedness of many YOBEAT viewers on here. Most of you don’t know us, how we grew up, or what we have been through. It is understandable and expected that some people might not have the same taste in music, but that’s what I find so interesting and unique about humans; we all have different influences and interests. The stubborn stereotypes in society are what is provoking prejudice and racism across America and around the world. We love snowboarding and listening to music that makes us feel good. If you down, follow us. If not, next time you see FF in the title, don’t click.


    • rick ross

      amen jordwan

    • DADswag

      ride or die bitch footyfiend for life

  • Jerm’s Mom

    Way better than fuckin Sublime. Fuck Sublime!

  • Lil Yachty

    Yo why wheeler is still riding the last seasons dirtbag?

  • oah

    footyfiend is duh shittt