Faces in Different Places The Movie


FIDP, a movie filmed in Canada, from Pocket Figures. Featuring: Martyn Vachon, Geoff Bowler, Daniel Glibota, Ben Poechman, Kody Williams, Bryan Bowler, Joel Vachon, Lenny Mazzotti, Cameron Veenstra, Hayden Edwards, Keenan Norton, Cooper Dykeman. Filmed/edit by Joel Vachon

  • a gnarly dood

    gnarly dood

  • georg


  • LNL

    Great, Great one.

  • dont b stupid

    MORE fun than being a rioting ass hole in Portland

  • Fartknocker

    Check out those fart clouds

  • super lit

  • basshole

    Some really good riding and filming in there, but the soundtrack was absolute trash. Coldplay for the ended? Are you fucking kidding me? And dear god, that drake “cover” in the intro. That was possibly the worst song I’ve ever heard

    • basshole

      please god tell me all the kids down-voting this are part of this crew. because the thought that random kids are actually backing coldplay as an ender song makes me terrified for the future

      • no

        Yellow is a banger

      • sickinthe6ix

        the drake cover is dope

      • asdfghjkl

        i back these comments, even that rap song was weak and popish. the fuck is up with that. not to mention dime used yellow in an all yellow t shirt compilation and that shut that shit down

        • no

          oooo skateboarding is so cool