Simulation – An Early Season Video

Taking a page from the very serious book of Kael Hill and Scott Stevens, the Boobeyes guys pull out some early season snowboard simulation with Dave Zaugg, Mark Goodall, Mike Shoreman.

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  1. Trump
    Trump says:

    This is honestly what snowboarding could look like in 30 years with global warming the going the direction it is 🙁

    • CALI-KID
      CALI-KID says:

      your B a fag ….. and u pee sitting down ….leave THE political shit out of it AND LEARN HOW TO RIDE ….

    • GEORGE
      GEORGE says:

      SORY TRUMP …I love the wall idea ..and so dose %80 of America …but u wrong on the snow issue …. get into rails ,, stop being a fag …have fun .. stop bitching about global warming on YOBEAT because u don’t ride ..

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