Under Review: Warp Wave’s Aurora Boardealis

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“Turning was the first trick in snowboarding” – Pat “The Eye” Bridges

The Warp Wave crew is back again this year with another offering that pays homage to arguably the most important component in snowboarding: style. Style is defined as “A manner of doing something” and, “A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.” By these definitions Warp Wave shows you what style looks like for nearly 40 minutes. The film itself is as distinctive as the riding with a funky retro soundtrack that’ll make you wish you had eaten some form of psychedelic before viewing. Aurora Boardealis separates itself from last year’s offering with a higher production value and more freestyle influence, something which I think will appeal to a broader audience.

The riding in the film honors the foundation of this culture we all love. That’s not to say this film is 40 minutes of dudes turning. It’s not. These guys know their roots and pay tribute Tahoe’s legacy as a hotbed for freestyle innovation during the 80s and 90s with progressive tricks thrown in the mix as well. In a lot of ways, Aurora Boardealis harkens back to the earliest films in the legendary Totally Board (TB) series and that’s saying a lot. Classic Tahoe spots including the Donner Summit/ASI zone and Mt. Rose are featured as the crew blends freestyle and surf style into the kind of freeriding that can only be described as masterful.

The snowboarding in the movie struck me as honest – that is to say, pure. A prominent philosophy in design suggests that the best designs are those which are stripped of everything but the most fundamental and necessary elements. To this end, the riding in the film is nearly flawless from an aesthetic perspective. It is snowboarding distilled down to it’s purest form. There is something really enjoyable about watching a capable freerider paint their way down a slope. Where they choose to slash a turn, what natural transition they air off of, and which chute they pick to pin it through all become individual signatures of their own style much in the same way one can distinguish a Van Gogh piece from a Monet. We saw that earlier this year with the Full Moon film as well. If snowboarding is not a sport, but rather an art and way of life, this film is a tribute to that notion.

Warp Wave has made a film they should be proud of without a ton of monetary support from big corporate backers. Films like this are what made many of us fall in love with snowboarding in the first place. Show your support for these dudes and snag a copy when they release it on DVD in the coming months.

Featuring: Gray Thompson, Eric Messier, Nick Russell, Jackson Fowler, Jeremy Jones, Tim Eddy, Tucker Andrews, Curtis Woodman, Taylor Carlton, Johnny Brady, Wyatt Stasinos, Zander Blackmon, Felix Mobarg, Griffin Seibert, and more…

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