Shapeshftr – Trailer


New film coming soon from the Interior Plain Project featuring Matt Boudreaux, Jake Moore, Erik Overson, Jon Overson, Peter Limberg, Kyle Kennedy, Nate Lavik, Jeff Gabrick, and Mike Skiba


    I feel so fucking sad or any so called snowboarder that cant ride urban …. do it pussy

    • Street*

      I feel bad for any snowboarder that says urban


    WHAT dose rail riding have to do with snowboarding ,,,, iam not putting any body down but ..those rail dudes just really suck …. we never did any of that in the 80s + 90s …. so stop posting edits with urban shit …. iam gona go eat 5 stacks of pancakes aand chill

    • im down

      You also didn’t have a computer to whine in to back then either.