Lindsey Vonn Asks for Separate Red Bull Fountains for Skiers and Snowboarders

We were just going to ignore this one, but it’s just too silly. Celebrity ski racer Lindsey Vonn said publicly in an interview this week to promote her new book, that she thinks skiers and snowboarders should have separate mountains. “I do like snowboarders but it would be super great if we could have a little separation.”

She went on to say, “Snowboarders are difficult because you guys camp out. And you like, adjust your bindings and you’re in the middle of the trail, and like, you know, your peripheral vision is terrible. So it’s difficult for us to maneuver and know what’s going on.”

Yesterday night she followed up with an interview on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, in which she said such respectable things as “It’s hard to argue when you’re naked.”

Next up separate bathrooms and water fountains for all. Cheers to progress.

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  1. JULIO
    JULIO says:

    STAY AT ALTA … bitch …. 99 out of 100 skiers think your wrong ….. [ not counting the over 68 yr old Nazis ]

  2. ass-man
    ass-man says:

    come to BRIGHTON BITCH .U GONA GET A KNOCK-DOWN ACL tear … first 15 min. …. we no like u bitch ..

  3. youthofAMERICA
    youthofAMERICA says:

    VONN is doing a good job of making everything worse for everybody …good work …FUCK YOU ASS HOLE ..

    PARKRAT says:

    we camp out on the run …bull shit ….that bull shit hatred is dead ..VONN is one of the very few , old time SNOWBOARD HATERS… she wont keep it alive

  5. Shreddie_
    Shreddie_ says:

    Taking up too much space?! Ski racers get entire trails to them selves… Ski nerds using tourists as gates are the absolute worst. Go home skank.

  6. Internet Man
    Internet Man says:

    I can get behind this. Let the skiers have THEIR mountain and we’ll take all the rest.

    Stay in your lane bitch.

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