Burning Up – Between Lakes Mt. Hood Summer


Public park employees attempt to revive the mundane Mt. back to its previous shredability.

Riders:Trevor Tollefson, Eric Lewy, Aaron Kiser, Emit Salokar, Tanner Seymour, Riley Tardiff, Jeff DeForge

Homies: Conor Carrol, Demetri Bales, Christian Hobush, JJ Westbury, Finn Westbury, Morgan Smith, Luke Rodnick, Calvin Green, Jake Aaronson

Film and Edit: Ben McCabe

  • Crazy Craig

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  • DADswag

    a masterpiece


    better summer park than most fat ass ski resorts put up in the dead of winter ….wuz up wit dat

  • terrainpark

    Rocks are more fun than the table top jumps at most parks

  • Rocks for brains 4 prez

    Honestly one of the more fire edits this summer/fall

  • Should be called Between Sexes

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