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“There is no present without the past and no future without the present”

I was given the chance to take a look at ‘Full Moon’ this week and rather than going to a movie about competitive adult tickling, I figured I’d do my due diligence and check this film out. I figured if nothing else, maybe there’d be some boobs — low-and-behold, I was right!!  (Spoiler alert?)

Note: I’ll start by admitting some of my biases: I’m 35; I like freeriding; I like women, and I like snowboarding movies that have more to say than “we went here, went snowboarding and did über progressive, highly-technical tricks”. So with this in mind, proceed in reading this review with however many grains of salt are necessary…

Full Moon should be a part of your snowboard movie library. Period. End of story. If you’ve been around snowboarding longer than the X-Games have been in existence, you can easily remember a time when there were weren’t that many girls riding your local spot. Hell, you were probably even a part of a crew with that ‘token girl’ who you rode with that had something to prove to the boys. Every last one of us involved in snowboarding today should be thankful for the early pioneers in women’s snowboarding; people like Circe Wallace, Morgan LaFontaine, Barrett Christy, Victoria Jealouse, Tara Dakides, Jana Mayen and others who built the foundation for one of the few market segments in our industry today showing any growth at all. The future of snowboarding may simply lie in getting more girls on snowboards.

Full Moon honors this legacy and looks to build a secure future for women’s snowboarding by inspiring the next generation of female riders with aesthetically beautiful riding that is not only graceful, but powerful and strong as well. Everything you’d expect from a classic shred flick is here: exotic locations, classic PNW pillows, plenty of powder and a great story. Don’t sleep on this film. Grab yourself a copy here, and support this badass group of women who no doubt ride better and harder than 99% of the people reading this….myself included.

Starring: Annie Boulanger, Robin Van Gyn, Marie France Roy, Helen Schettini, Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, Jamie Anderson

Directed By: Leanne Pelosi and Clayton Larsen

Check out the trailer below and rent or buy it. You’ll like it. 

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    DENNIS says:

    THE women are killing it ,and deserve all the pay / respect that any male boarder would get …MADISON ,KLAUDIA , ANDERSON ALL PUSHING IT ..

  2. Old&InTheWay
    Old&InTheWay says:

    I wish they had more interview time with the originators of the sport, like Jealouse, Christy, Dunn, Basich, etc. Still, it’s a great film and much respect to the current group of riders!

  3. WaitingForSnow
    WaitingForSnow says:

    This was seriously the most fun snowboarding video I have watched in years. These chicks have a lot of fun and touch lines I know would even scare the boys. Buy this film so they can do more.

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