Sam Anderson // Laps at Tyrol

  • squares

    lil fella gets my schmeckle all tingly

  • Your name is buck… right?

    Fo real doe


    NICE PARK …..ill take a rope tow with a good park over a $149 / day gondola resort with a GAY ASS PARK …

    • Rip gpp

      Still sounds better than granite peak

  • down$outh

    Tyrone’s Basement

  • steve the cat

    one of the first edits ive liked in a long time …

  • Yowisconsin

    Im sorry boys but that was a direct song steal from working for the city edits back in the day.

  • the ghost of scott seifert


  • Prospect Snow/Wake

    Clean and crisp rip. Keep it up Sam. Big ups to the filmers too.