Odd Folks // Odd Bots


Riders: Billy Hayman, Darcy Sharpe, Jack Spence, Tyler Nicholson, Bryan Bowler, Troy Sturrock, Jye Kearney

  • Duh Bolts

    how much extra cash you pay to get that hoodie shipped to Australia you status fuccboi

    • Duh truth

      He is from whistler…

      • Duh Ayy Lmao

        Not with that accent bitch

        • duhfuk


    • kidsthesedays

      bowler a straight g from canada. if you don’t know what or who your talking bout best to shut it foo

  • KIM

    FIND something bigger to hate on fag

  • skrt

    Where’s Bruce Buggati

  • sickcunt69420

    the amount of times the word cunt is used every day at perisher must be insane

  • What’s that last trick called

    • Beer guts

      Aussie call it a flip off the rail cunt..

  • squares

    Still dont understand why people hop through kink rails. Ride the fuckin rail like a man, bash through that shit.

    • The kink rails at Perisher are so mellow too you can float throw them ?