Absinthe Films AfterForever Trailer

  • asdf

    Justin Hostynek is the Jesus Christ of snowboarding.

  • Talking about pros and weed and how awesome he is in 3, 2,……….

    • sman

      upvote… that was probably the best slowmo extreme joint lighting I have seen in a snowboard flick. I think one of the whiskey flicks had a slightly better one a decade ago.

  • Meetch

    The most badass part of this whole trailer was Cocard lighting that roach without burning off any of his facial hair

  • Wut

    That tommy at 1:55 though

  • kenny


  • Yea, slow motion smoking weed!

  • JP here everyone. Pete Wast let me use his weed and it was pretty good experience so now I smoke weed so I don’t mind this video as much as you guys must expect me to!