The Bowl Mini Movie – Put it in the Bowl

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  1. JP Sokolowski
    JP Sokolowski says:

    I think I know what these losers are putting in their “bowl”. Marijuana, a schedule one narcotic with addictive and deadly properties. Just another snowboarding crew made up of degenerate drug addicts that uses online videos to perpetuate drug culture in snowboarding. Did you not learn anything from my 08/09 park city urban jib part? Snowboarding isnt about fucking weed. it isnt about how fucking high you can get before you go do a “trick” (onre footed maneuvers are not tricks by the way). Its about enjoying life and sobriety in nature. Fucking loserslike you make me wish snowboarding was more like honest team sports like baseball and football (lets go hawks!). Anyways, you fucking pieces of shit better stay away from Mission Ridge. The general manager and I WILL NOT HESITATE to kick your fucking stoned ass, and then kick your ass out of the mountainn INDEFINITELY!

    • Josh J
      Josh J says:

      That was fucked! I guess this guy really can rip! Sick to see a sober boarder who throws it down just as hard as these pros who promote weed culture. A full part that was truly ahead of its time!

  2. BuffaloBongRipSoldier420
    BuffaloBongRipSoldier420 says:

    Solid work boys, this shit ripped! Great trick selection and a 10 min edit that could have been longer. Wish I had two more hands to give this 4 thumbs up

  3. sman
    sman says:

    That was awesome, thank you to the people that put in the days for my free 10 minutes of enjoyment. I will prob watch it again at work tomorrow.

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