The White Church of Fudge

******None of this is safe for work or young ones. Duh.

This week something very important happened: Shaun White brought a shocking video called “Church of Fudge” to the masses.

You see, as TMZ reported, White is being sued by former bandmate Lena Zawaideh for sexual harassment, but of all the frat-boyish, maybe sometimes immature allegations contained in the 76-page lawsuit, we found her allegation that he forced her to watch “Church of Fudge,” a hardcore porn “involving a priest, a nun and poop, to be most intriguing. Poop is next level shit (pun intended).

A few of the text messages described in a lawsuit against Shaun White.

Admittedly until this week some of us were not privy to the actual contents of “Church of Fudge.” I’d seen the name thrown around the internet, but hell, it could have just been a group of religious types who are really into candy. So we needed to look into it further.

If you think Shaun’s having a crappy (pun intended) week with this stuff hitting the fan, consider this: Shaun’s agent, Lowell Taub also manages Ryan Lochte, one of the Olympic swimmers Brazil is claiming made up allegations of being robbed at gunpoint. Taub has his hands full.

It’s been an interesting week for Shaun and fellow Olympian Ryan Lochte. Here, Shaun is asking Lochte if he’s ever pooped in the pool.

Anyway, back to Church of Fudge. It turns out, it’s a classic shock video that’s been passed around the internet endlessly. You’ve all probably been subjected to Meatspin, or Two girls, One cup… it’s in a similar vain. Something you’d send to your friends, coworkers, or enemies to fuck with them or gross them out. Unfortunately, some people are sensitive. Even drummers.

Encyclopedia Dramatica describes the Church of Fudge: “The Church of Fudge is a classic shock video which contains neither a church nor fudge. Instead, for two minutes the viewer is subjected to hard core coprophagia porn involving a priest and a nun. The bride of christ appears to be begging the priest for some sort of fucked version of holy communion, with the body of Jew wafer replaced by the priests digested bratwurst sandwich from earlier in the day.”

Gross, but still the kind of thing twenty-somethings pass around to shock each other. In fact, YouTube even has a number of “shocked reaction videos” showing people watching the “Church of Fudge.”

If you really must you can watch “Church of Fudge” here. Just don’t sue us. We’ve warned you.

All in all, reading through the lawsuit is fairly entertaining. And while there’s definitely a display of early 20’s, entitled, somewhat immature behavior, it’s also pretty clear that this comes down to money. Most of us text inappropriate things back and forth on occasion for humor or statement. Shaun was brought up in snowboarding and skateboarding, two activities where “being appropriate” has never really been a major priority. But let this be a lesson to you: Scat porn can come back to haunt you. Especially if you have money.

If you can pull yourself away from the above shock videos long enough, you can read through the full lawsuit below.

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  1. hp
    hp says:

    Regardless of its “age-appropriateness,” it doesn’t make it ok to share graphic sexual content with your (female) coworker without her consent. That is never ok, no matter what industry you work in. Having worked at Burton, I know that this would not be tolerated. Professionalism comes first, no matter how old you are. Save the gross jokes for your personal time, and only for people who consent.

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