River Richer at Gunstock

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  1. Idiot Internet guy
    Idiot Internet guy says:

    I like that this was just released now. Yea some east coast mid season park footy is what I need in my life right now. Thanks tho have fun kids.

    • Walter
      Walter says:

      That’s actually was what I needed in my life. Felt good to watch. Solid tricks, song got me hyped.

      • Walter's idiot Mom
        Walter's idiot Mom says:

        “That’s actually was what I needed in my life”?? Walter, Walter..you’re better than that. Proofreading is a discipline my slow guy. Thanks Walter had fun.

  2. JP solowski
    JP solowski says:

    If I am oddly aroused by anything besides the thought of Eythan Frost fucking my ex-fiance, it’s giving dope-fiend-wanna-be-boarders like you the business. So get yourself a beverage because I’m really about to lay one in to you. First of all, can you even fucking frontside boardslide? Didn’t think so (I can after about 30 tries). Second, just give up. You will never be SHIT in this game. Just another degenerate stoner fuck who cant do a proper FSBS!!! Maybe if you got a helmet, convinced a few companies to hook you up because you work on a park crew and could do a back 1 on in 2009, and hung out with the big dawgs of the ridge (me and Josh the GM of course) you would be worth the shitty weed packed in your mole bong.But you’re not. Heres a lil tip from the top dawg in this fucking park crew shit: Get a job at the fire department, get the male enhancement pills (Trust me they work 😉 ) and lay off the dope. One Love.

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