Tyler Flanagan 15/16

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    • Tonyhawk
      Tonyhawk says:

      I guess I didn’t watch it to watch the editing just the snowboarding. he prolly did that shit himself.kid prolly ain’t to tech savy wit it just a country boy. representin the south ?

      • Internet Man
        Internet Man says:

        God dammit Tony you fucked up.

        Tyler Flanagan was that dude and went and did some drugs, beat his girlfriend and whatnot. He was GLOBAL AM for 32 and that’s a big fucking deal if you ask me.

        Honestly if he starts a rap career he could be the J Casanova of the shred circuit

        GAYBASIN-PARK,,CREW says:

        YA RIGHT ….snowbasin park has 5-8 dudes in it on a good day ….nobody likes it ..the NUMBERS don’t lie

  1. TROOF
    TROOF says:


    • SMAN
      SMAN says:

      yea no shit, sick style, so smooth.. annoying to see all the banter on whatever personal stuff this kid has going on

      • snarf
        snarf says:

        “… all the banter on whatever person stuff…”

        That is the only thing I came for.

        It’s fuckin Yobeat, what did you expect

      • Ridemypipe
        Ridemypipe says:

        fuck everybody makes mistakes. dude is doing good give him a break. that football player caught a domestic violence case, don’t hear espn still talking about it.

        • Walter
          Walter says:

          Hurting anybody in my opinion is a dick move. Add on that it was a girl that isn’t as strong and I don’t think it falls in the category of everyone makes mistakes. If he was so mad he could have punched a wall or something. I’m not quick to forgive domestic violence.

  2. T-Flan's Dusty Dew Cup
    T-Flan's Dusty Dew Cup says:

    Tyler Flanagan reduced to riding a Never Summer is the most effective anti domestic violence ad of all time.

  3. Honestly
    Honestly says:

    Do women exist? How is the illusion sustained? Well son you shove your penis up your asshole *cue vomit

  4. It's complicated being a wizard
    It's complicated being a wizard says:

    Masturbation is for people who currently aren’t invested in an epic quest

  5. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    Thanks yobeat for the support. And thanks everyone who forgives me and has my back. I’ve never sugar coated what happened, and I’m not proud of what went down. But at the end of the day I fucked up like most people do. I’ve learned and grown from my mistakes and am doing my best to live a better lifestyle. Thanks to all who thought the video was decent. looking forward to doing it again next winter.

  6. JP solowski
    JP solowski says:

    Dude this is sick! I’m your number one fan Tyler! I wish I could front board like you but I can’t make it to the end of a rail to save my life! I hope I’m as good as you one day, but I’m 29 or some shit so I probably wont be haha! I really look up to you man so I hope you don’t smoke weed cause that would make me hate you because stoners are fucking idiots who suck at boarding. Come check out Mission Ridge next winter its going to suck balls and no one will be there but I will be there. please respond.

    • EXCELENT ! BRO !
      EXCELENT ! BRO ! says:

      fuck off fag …stop pretending to be the GREAT JP WALKER ….. POT RULES ..DICK HEAD ..

  7. who cares ....
    who cares .... says:

    the cool thing about snowboarding is all the bull shit goes away when you ride …. its just riding then …. [ CANT SAY THAT 4 SKING ] … TYLER was having as much fun as any person alive in this vid ..

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