Too Hard: Whistler Spring 2016


Riders: Danyale Patterson, Alexa Welgan, Marjorie Couturier, Darrah Reid-McLean, Maria Thomsen, Joanie Robichaud

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    DENNIS says:

    FUCK YEA ! better than 95 percent of the dudes on rails ….CLASSY–TALLENTED —PRO ALL THE WAY …. I WILL WATCH IT 50 TIMES ….THANKS !

    • come on
      come on says:

      You’re all terrible. Stop fucking filming each other and try to actually learn some shit first. No one wants to see this shit

  2. disgusted.
    disgusted. says:

    Holy shit. Are you kidding me. Just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean you can cheat. zeaches don’t count (even if you “pretzel” out; 0:53, 1:11, 1:29, 2:15), taps don’t count (0:29, 0:44, 1:42, 2:19) and finish a fucking 270 for fuck’s sake. I don’t know who you blow for free shit, but you can’t honestly think your shit deserves any recognition. You’re probably the reason women still don’t have equal rights. This makes me sick.

  3. jo--UTAH
    jo--UTAH says:

    those babes rip sooo HARD … watched it for 2 hours… teach the little boys hows it dun ..

  4. KIM
    KIM says:

    [ disgusted ] do you know anything at fucking all about snowboarding …. keep jerking it … good job

  5. thechin
    thechin says:

    If women want to get tech learn how to bake a souffle. Facts are Facts women’s snowboarding will never be at the same level as men’s riding. Equal pay for comps and Sponsorship’s? How about doing equal tricks with the same air and style as men. Show your tits or make a sandwich. This edit left me “Too Flaccid”

    • Sweet Chin Music
      Sweet Chin Music says:

      Do you eat peanut butter out of your dog’s asshole and then kiss your mom with that mouth?

    • basshole
      basshole says:

      i bet you’re the type of guy who follows dan blizerian on instagram and posts memes on facebook that suggest most rapes are actually girls just regretting drunken hookups

  6. kenny splatenzondfer
    kenny splatenzondfer says:


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