Unnamed – Full Movie

A portrait of the Dutch indoor scene, and it’s riders who never considered making a name for themselves. This movie is dedicated to them. Here in Holland we have the unique possibility to continue snowboarding after all snow has melted. We took this opportunity to meet up and film with some of our favourite Dutch dome-kids.

Featuring: Max De Vries, Jesse Augustinus, Jochen Greven, Cees Wille, Kas Lemmens, Bart Falhaber, Niek vd Velden, Roel Van Oosterhout, Bob Van Unnik, Jules Hense, Anthony Indawood, Jessi Blackwell, Joshua Pires, Steef vd Meer, Rachida Aoulad, Wessel van Lierop and Dion Janse.

  • eddie murphy

    heavy…hardway bs 180 5-0 and bs board pretzel 270 to 50 may be NBD?

    • charlie murphy

      rare, but both definitely

  • Saw that live

    Nice try but stop acting like the setup at 14:02 was the same than at 14:07. Even if the setup looks the same from the side angle everyone can see from the trick that the middle rail is placed almost in line with the first and third rail.

    • squares

      No shit sherlock, it’s almost like they set up a modular rail…in different ways. I saw about 4 or 5 variations on those three pieces.

    • Saw that on tape

      Dude why would they even try to film a transfer-rail from the side? Then you cant see the gap, stop being a fool they didnt try to make it look like the same rail

  • Saw that live

    And I counted three bs1 pretzel3’s on the same downrail…

  • jeremy

    Wessel van Lierop is absolutely ridiculous

  • C. Steez

    This shit goes

  • T-RICE

    I CANT EVEN FLY MY HELI IN UR DOME FOOLS …..can I bring my gay jet pack …and go big

  • Hueg Jonson

    how u say NIGER IN DUCH …OR DUSHE