Travel guide to the mitten pt.3


Everything seemed to be going alright… That is until I popped the tire on my Father’s car. “Apparently it had low tire pressure” said the tow truck driver when he was flipping through my Dads dash monitor.  So, that left me asking the question of “How I am going to get through the rest of my trip?” But by some luck or blessing, my friend Nicole calls me and offers to float me up to Bittersweet and crash at her house. I jumped on that offer and within an hour or so I was ripping night lines through Bittersweets park. I didn’t really adventure out much… It was late and they were about 45 mins or so from closing. Ripped some laps, met up with some homies, and began to realize that I hadn’t eaten in twelve hours and was about to die! Luckily the homies came through and brought me to a clutch restaurant called “The Crow’s Nest”. Whatever they marinade their baked chicken in for the Caesar salad was so DAMN good! Almost ordered 4 more to go. I shit you not. However, eventually my inner fat ass subsided and sleep took over.


Rider: Charlie Vandemark Photo: Jon Mollema


I don’t exactly remember waking up the next morning. And I only faintly recall the drive to the hill, but as the car came to a stop I awoke, gathered my things, and trudged to the lodge. All suited up, I began walking to the ticket window.  I was stopped by my friend and given a lift ticket (thank you very much by the way)! I then hopped on the lift with a couple of little rippers from the area.  Now before I go any further, this small Michigan hill has a high speed lift and it is glorious. A hill that takes two mins to get down also takes the same amount of time to get up. Shit, it’s faster than most of the tow ropes in Michigan (R.I.P Pando’s Summit rope). Now let us jump back to the ride. I was chatting with the little homies and a friend who worked parks. I was asking how their season had been and the responses they gave me were mixed with joy and disappointment. Joyous responses spoke of sunny days with features that were set up properly everyone would be ripping and getting their tricks. Park crew would be on it maintaining and having a good time, as well. The reasons for disappointment ranged from the hill’s bad conditions, late openings, and park plans not working out. Riding around I inquired more about the season from other people but more the workers. They spoke of how they shot for a high goal this year but couldn’t really hit their mark because of how poor the weather had been. They also had a management change up this year which is always difficult at any mountain.


Rider: Evan Findling Photo: Jon Mollema

Rider: Evan Findling Photo: Jon Mollema

I acquired a mean lunchtime hunger after ripping with the homies and even some new found friends. I left my board chilling outside, which might I add is dumb of me and recommend that no one do the same! I know it can happen anywhere but for some reason I feel that theft is higher in the state of Michigan. Boards get stolen all the time so DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BOARD UNATTENDED! Staring down the menu I realized that I forgot how expensive resort food is. Why???!!!! My resolve gave way and I spent 12 bucks on a burger and fries. At least it was good and the cashier and cook were friendly so it made for a good experience.

Rider: Mark Reinhart Photo: Jon Mollema

Rider: Mark Reinhart Photo: Jon Mollema

Finishing up my food I began to head back outside. By the grace of God my snowboard was right where I had left it. The sky had opened up and allowed the sun to shine through. My, was it a beautiful day! The conditions felt as though I was out in Mammoth on a spring day. The ride to the park was one to remember; all you could see throughout the entire park were good times! People were ripping around just having a good ole time. The park didn’t have many features out, but from what I understand that was due to a melt out the week prior. But, it was all good because the park was still firing. The features that were out were set up properly and the flow of the place was amazing!  You didn’t have to second guess if you had too much speed or not enough.  Also, there were multiple lines to choose from which allowed for flow and creativity. Park crew was on top of things- properly raking and maintaining the park and also adding some of their own flavor to the features. Shout out to park management for teaching those young ones how to work a rake! My time at bittersweet was tight! 7 out of 10.


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