Loon by Noon

The PSU Boardin Club boys spent this unfortunately, snow deficient season drinking at night and slowly making it to Loon the next day, thus, Loon by Noon.

Zach Ganley
Phil wettengel
Bryan Watson
River Richer
Randy Garfield
Alex Von Braun
Justin Sault
Travis Cullison
Nick McCarthy
Jackson Happ

Riley Morris
Ben Parrott

Ben Parrott

Speedy Ortiz- Tiger Tank
Kanye West- Pt.2

9 replies
  1. col. forbin
    col. forbin says:

    just skip to the end for Jacksons part, and whoever filmed/edited this should be put down

  2. Nerds
    Nerds says:

    If Jackson was the last kid riding and that was what I was suppose to skip to… God damnit that was bad

  3. losers
    losers says:

    these comments just prove not only everyone on the mountain hates these kids, everyone does. so when they graduate with no job prospects what so ever they should feel super about themselves when they go back to living with mommy and daddy.

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