Shoot the Moon: Tailgate Alaska 2016 Wraps Up


Valdez, Alaska – April 27, 2016 – Tailgate Alaska wrapped up the now legendary ninth annual event on Thompson Pass on April tenth, making it the longest running, purely wintersports event in Alaska.

Alaska is the dream of snowboarders from around the world and for nine years, Tailgate Alaska has helped make the trip safe, affordable and unforgettable.


According to Olympian Tailgater Julia Dujmovits, “The first thing I decided when I won the gold medal was to come to Alaska… Tailgate has been awesome. This is just amazing.”

With zero approach access to 1.6 million acres of terrain, there are literally hundreds of glaciers and hundreds of thousands of peaks surrounding the Thompson Pass basecamp. For ten days, Tailgate Alaska puts riders in the heart of Mother Nature’s greatest snowboard park. It’s hard to even comprehend the magnitude of the Chugach Mountains – and when it went blue, teams of backcountry riders from 16 countries, explored and challenged themselves with snowboarding’s ultimate rubix cube.


Alaskan patience is an acquired skill, and waiting out the weather is a mandatory part of every trip. Tailgate Alaska fills these times with daily classes taught by the Alaska Avalanche Information Center, events like the Wizard Stick Slalom, Frankenbanken Big Air and Polaris Snowmobile’s Riding Clinic.

At night, Tailgater’s celebrated with savage parties, bonfires, Man Games After Dark, and live music including a northern lights, bonfire performance by Justin Boots and two floor breaking shows by The Shoot Dangs that went until the morning hours.


According to pro rider John Jackson, “The Shoot Dangs were great. We got their CD and are listening to it every morning. That party was crazy.”

Ultimately, Tailgate Alaska is about creating unique and pinnacle mountain experiences through mentorship and brotherhood for those that covet the ultimate mountains and snow conditions that Valdez, Alaska offers.

Participants agree. Five time Tailgater Jimmy Laghezza said, “I had the single best day ever this year. I drove a snowmobile to the top of one of these peaks for the first time and went inside a glacier. It was terrifying. It was amazing. I’ll never forget it.”


As spring dawns on Valdez, Alaska, the Tailgate Family returned to all points on the globe, from Australia to Austria, and Hong Kong to Costa Rica, fulfilled with new mountain experiences, friendships and knowledge, and a deep desire to return next year, because even after years of riding and exploring these mountains, you still have everything to learn.

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