Charlie VanDemark 15-16

Filmed at Bittersweet and Cannonsburg
Filming by:
Nic Sagodic
Isiah Bos
Matt Pearson
Song: Devo- Speed Racer

  • medicinal fried chicken

    charlie is talented af.

  • frontside freddy

    I love backside spins

  • uh

    he may have tricks but he seems like the type of kid that started listening to Prince cuz Prince died…

  • gucci flip flops

    Who’s prince??

    • medicinal fried chicken

      Is it me or does prince look like Black Michael Jackson’s little brother?

  • Internet Man

    Pain. So much pain.

    Please use a shutter speed above 1/60th if you are going to film your sporting. Thank u

    • grease boy

      he probably had to download off youtube yo those filmers lackin when it cums to emailing clips

  • Internet Man Should Be Banned

    tricks matter, video quality doesn’t

  • uh

    do you like 360s out? #youlooklikeaballerina

    • Charlie VanDemark


  • Charlie VanDemark