Everyone’s Good Friend Walter

Walter Promnitz. If you’re from the east coast, chances are you know this dude or have heard his name one way or another. If you dont, here’s a quick summary: He’s the realest, nicest, energetic, most dedicated, hardest charging dude I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. The same guy who knits his own hats and wears a puppy dog neck warmer. The same guy who never has anything negative to say. The same guy who will drive an hour just to ride for 2, drive an hour back to work, then do it all over again day after day. This guy is usually straight lining it to the bottom with a huge grin on his face one run after the other for hours on end, too fast to bother trying to get clips of him. And even though we had the worst winter in memory’s history, I managed to snag a few clips of this dude for your, and his viewing pleasure.  -Nick Apicella

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  1. thomasjmcgoo
    thomasjmcgoo says:

    Anyone who works until 2am, drives 6 hours to ride Loon all day, then drives 6 hours home on no sleep is a god damn champion

    • Thunder Cunt
      Thunder Cunt says:

      What about drives to 7 Springs for super park, then back home to work till 2am, then back to super park?
      Ps, it’s a 6 hour drive one way

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