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Words: AJ Ogden

Over the last month, I’ve gone snowboarding. Often alone, but that leaves it up to you to believe if I went or not. But with the help of my UK Mounts for my GoPro, I’m not leaving it up to you, because I can film it.

Because, really, with it being 2016, does it really happen if you don’t film it?

Anyways, these mounts are pretty tight; they hold the GoPro as they claim, with the standard screw attachment method. They provide plenty of combination attachments to create your own transformer Frankenstein of a contraption to get those unique and never before seen selfie angles. One issue I had was that they weren’t compatible with my other GoPro mounts and since snowboarding and alternative action activities are expensive enough, that would be a welcome feature but business is business, I get it.


With the main pole mount it has the ability to extend three times it’s compact length so who needs a heli filming when I can have that overhead? It’s awesome. And you can swat drones too if need be.

With the mini extension add on you can get some cool contorted angles; so if you rig it right, you can make those flat spins into quad corks.


Oh and the main pole mount, has a floatation wrap on it so when you are getting extreme at the pond skim, and drop it in the water, you’re all good! I didn’t get to any pond skims this year but it was blazingly hot the other day so I went to the river, on my way there, I threw the whole contraption in a creek, to my satisfaction, it floated and I still have the thing.

Here are some clips that barely relate to what I just rambled on about.

Bottom line, these things work and you can get creative with the builds that you want so you can get those hot angles for when you go pro. Or at least make some interesting dad cam edits.


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