People’s Court: Jeremy Dalman vs Eason Cerasani

This week we have two friends, Eason is Jeremy’s filmer and they want to see who the people want. Will we see a change in the filmer of this two man squad? Or are the poor souls who got worked on a skateboard for a video taking it all?

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  1. Brendan Luff
    Brendan Luff says:

    that Brendan muff is a real douche. To bad Brendan Luff dosent know Easton and rides with delman. lol haters hate. keep up the good riding boys!

    • Jeremy ballsman
      Jeremy ballsman says:

      Damnit Brendan, learn to spell, it’s ballsman not Delman.

      I’m not cocky I’m self conscious actually!

  2. Matt L
    Matt L says:

    I would have loved to vote for the 2nd kid… But we all know that the tail tap in the first clip was unintentional. But, the same kid also hit jumps. Although the first kid’s style was better. I’m going with skateboard falls.

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