Luke Zajac 2015-2016

This is what happens when you combine pure natural talent with the magic of Trollhaugen.

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  1. Yeah
    Yeah says:

    Dope but you would think over the course of the whole season he would ride a different hill for some shots? Hyland, buck, wild even afton. I feel like ive seen this before.

  2. The fuq?
    The fuq? says:

    Dude did an indy grab while locked into a nose press and held the grab to the very end of the rail. Not only was that one of the deepest nose presses I’ve ever seen, but he also tweaked it after sliding off the rail. Hats off to you Luke, that shit was fucking crazy.

  3. martha zajac
    martha zajac says:

    great movie sweetie, could you choose some more appropriate music please. Grandma almost had another stroke hearing the N word so much. My goodness. Love you, mom

    p.s. what’s a nose press? is that sex? be safe pumpkin 🙂

  4. FilmerD
    FilmerD says:

    Back 450 was so fucked because he spotted that shit like a cab 270 and brought it back like it was nothin. Dude is too good.

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