People’s Court: Tyler Fish vs Peter Roukola

This week on people’s court we have two friends, who both filmed each other for 6 weekends and threw it together. Who is the better friend? Who has the tightest maneuvers? Who will take home the bragging rights? Or will Scotty P win another video contest with his insanity.

Tyler Fish

Peter Ruokola

Scotty P

  • slo mo?

    Both those parts felt like they were about 6 weekends long.

  • 1-900

    you can’t only hit 1 foot of the rail and count it…..

  • senders pops

    there has got to be a rope tow somewhere where you guys can hone in those 50-50 grinds. and why are you throwing around your Christmas presents like you’re sponsored?

    • TFish

      HaHa. I wish. all we have is garbage mountain.

  • bruh

    holy huck, i take my vote back scotty P wins hands down

  • You guys are a disgrace to Marquette snowboarding

    • Everydayjoe

      How can one be a disgrace to snowboarding in anytown. They just strappin in n playin around… Cmon

      • Tfish

        Idk how pete and I are a disgrace. I mean I guess im a disgrace if doing a 5-0 front one out on a kink rail is bad

        • cmon bro this isnt skating


  • schwing

    6 weekends? were there even 6 tricks?

  • .

    that was the weakest shit I’ve ever fuckin seen, scotty P all the way

  • you’re both wearing track pans

    like are you fucking me? BOTH OF YOU? some of the handrail shots were OK though.

  • Lee key buts

    Kids killed it. Keep on ripping youngins

  • Poon Blaster


  • Mackdawg

    Jesus that was so horrible. I dont know how anyone is even trying to defend this. The first one especially should have been rejected

    • T Fish

      I guess tail press front one out of a kink is horrible now. I would like to see you clips dawg because if that’s horrible you must be nose pressing quad kinks

  • Drizzl D

    All those were not that good, but hey points for going in the street. real question is how the fuck did scotty P get 1st, My salimander can do a better job than that.