People’s court: Adrian Hrabarchuck vs Tanner Bearson

This week we have a solid match-up between two dudes who kill the rail game. Style and trick wise. However, only one can walk away victorious and that person is up to you to decide. Or are half clothed backflips landing fully clothed the new thing?

  • Trump

    The second is edit is just a storage dump with a song I’m the least mean guy and i couldent finish

  • momlover


  • fuck

    fuck i take my vote back the pants video is the shit

  • Friend of JC

    Bonus scooter points were wiped out by a Pusha-T song

  • Adrain sucks

    The other guy is so good why are people voting for Adrain

    • Whaun Shite

      Did your buddy Tanner ask you to write something nice about him?

    • Be honest…

      Tanner, is that you?

  • whtvr

    i like how tanners filmer filmed his clips so low that you can’t tell that they are boxes. Almost tricks you into thinking they’re real features

  • squares

    Welcome to T9 edit, filmed almost entirely on a NS, filmed almost entirely on boxes. Lit.

  • Trundle kings!

  • Whaun Shite

    I’d vote for Tanner… If he could backflip into jeans.

  • i voted for him but…

    no way hrabarchuck is his real name

  • strangest3w

    gotta love those double kink box shots wow

  • Truffle shuffle

    Tanner’s edit would have been really good but no apparently boxes, repetitive tricks and a horrendously long intro is hot right now