The Longer The Better: A Snowboard Long Jump Contest

We’ve seen quad corks, we’ve seen rails so long you get out of breath just thinking about trying to walk up them, now we are looking at the future. Or at least looking to have a lot of fun for an afternoon.
Eddie the Eagle eat your heart out because Long Jumping is coming to snowboarding. 
On April 17th, the second event in Timberline’s Celebration of Snowboarding weekend (The first being Airblaster’s Board Games) we are jumping, not high, but sending it loooooooong.
Park and rail contests are a dime a dozen, so in the spirit of The Powder 8 we brought you in 2013, and Mogul Mayhem from 2014, we’re going long for 2016. Something different just for the fun of it. So prepare to flail your arms, and hopefully land on your feet. Send it big. Send it long. The Longer the Better.
Prizes from Elm, Ashbury, Volcom, Grenade, and Homeschool.
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  1. Meetch
    Meetch says:

    man I really hope they do a live stream of this event… or yobeat periscope’s the whole thing?

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