Is it Too Deep for Tailgate Alaska?


Valdez, Alaska – March 23, 2016 – Tailgate Alaska is excited to kick off our 9th annual event on Thompson Pass April first ( April 1 – 10, 2016.) This year has seen a record snowfall in Alaska. This year is not like the others.

According to event Tailgate Alaska founder Mark Sullivan, “Just in the past week we have had between four and six feet of snow. And we are due for another huge storm – seven more days of snow – clearing the day Tailgate starts. If you have dreamed of going to Alaska – this year is off the charts.”

It will certainly be a season to remember in Alaska. Already both Scotty Lago and Travis Rice have spent considerable time in the Tailgate Alaska arena, filming for upcoming projects on the Thompson Pass corridor. This year everything is filled in more – and new lines and possibilities abound. Photographer Clyde Hewitt summed it up, “This isn’t blower, it’s choker.”

“Our goal is to share the best mountains and snow conditions in the world, and this year will not disappoint.” said Sullivan.

Right now, we have a stable snowpack – and it is deep. The Tailgate Alaska lot has huge snowbanks – and has required constant plowing and digging to keep open. This year, Alaska is different.

“Being on Thompson pass is the ultimate dream come true. I can’t imagine anywhere else I’d rather be right now. If you dream about big mountain riding, this is the place to make it real. We are walking in the footsteps of giants.” According to Russel Corn, upcoming freerider from Colorado.

There are still some tickets available for this year’s Tailgate Alaska. With free snow safety classes, an on-site rescue team, daily entertainment, and amenities to make the trip comfortable, Tailgate Alaska makes the trip affordable and safe.Tailgate Alaska kicks off on April first. Get ready. It is deep. Bring an extra shovel and snorkel. And leave your war chest of excuses at home.

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