RIP Ben Hinkley

Our sources on social media have confirmed that Ben Hinkley, best known as one of the first professional African American snowboarders and purveyor of the finest frontflip in the game aka the lawn dart has passed away. There will be a celebration of life honoring his passing this Saturday
From 5:00 – 9:00 at DI studios (1530 E Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA 90807.) Rest in peace.

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  1. Jason borgstede
    Jason borgstede says:

    So sad to hear this. Ben was a great guy, a solid and genuinely good person. All I can do is shake my head in disbelief. My thoughts go to his family. Take care friend.

  2. Christopher Bendure
    Christopher Bendure says:

    This guy was one of the reasons I moved to Winter Park Colorado. After seeing him and his buddies ride I knew snowboarding was what I wanted in life. Him and my good friend had a race to see who could get the double front first. JP stuck his hour before Ben had invented the lawndart (a trick that still boggles the snowboard communities mind!) and was the very first pro black snowboarder despite anyone else claims.A true superstar and inspiration that will be missed forever.

      • Brett P.
        Brett P. says:

        If this is the real Bert Lamar, you’re rad. I need to find the video from your late winter camp in big bear around 1992/ 93 I think. Jeff Anderson, Gilligan Yoder, Harper, Dalpiaz, etc, were just some of the amazing coaches. Oh yeah, your statement is correct about Russel. As one of Ben’s friends for 20+ years I feel safe knowing he would agree.

    • YES
      YES says:

      JP is an legend! probably one of the kookiest guys i have every met. From the handlebar mustache to the duct taped board dude was one of a kind. Heard the story of him beating all the pros at a big air comp with the first double frontflip! rad dude, bit of a crackhead tho

  3. Jon Pearson
    Jon Pearson says:

    Ben Hinkley was a true Superstar and an Amazing person. Some of my best days of snowboarding were when I was riding with him. He was a true inspiration! Actually, the greatest night of my life was competing against him at Copper Mountain. He will be grossly missed by all. My thoughts go out to all of his loved ones. We miss you, Gentle Ben! Rest in Peace, my friend…

  4. Travis Parker
    Travis Parker says:

    Ben Hinkley was first place in a Denver Regional Trade show trampoline contest back in 1996. I watched in awe as he flipped and twisted his way to the win. He was light years ahead of me on a board. He was positive human. We both had video parts in films produced by Rene Crout. Nine 2 Five and The Ugly Ducklings. Prayers to his family and friends.

  5. Round boy
    Round boy says:

    Ben was a good friend to me, we grew apart and did our own thing and I hadn’t seen him for years but I was lucky enough to be there when he began his career in snowboarding and lucky enough to actually ride with him. But none of that could ever compare to his pure and simple friendship. Always happy, always smiling, never judging just this really great guy that made you feel good to be around. It’s so heartbreaking to know that he is gone, but he will never be forgotten. I have nothing but great, happy, good time memories about him and have re-lived them all this week, thank you Ben, you will be greatly missed my friend.

  6. SJ
    SJ says:

    Ben Hinkley was my friend and a true gentleman. We worked together in SF, during the years of his XG Triumphs. Burton had just taken him on and he moved to Truckee. I too am in disbelief of the news and getting it 6 months later. Heres what I know for sure about this man. You may not ever meet another soul like this. His calm, cool and collect persona brought love into any room he walked into. His smile right? You knew you were in always in good company when Ben was in the room. I may have not known him on the mountain and only at work. I can tell you this, he was happier in the mountains with all of you guys that he grew up with and met along his journey than doing a silly job at sea level. Much Love SJ in Canada

  7. Bob harnden
    Bob harnden says:

    I still miss my devoted friend of over 20 years Ben. Our nightly calls no matter where we were in the world. We end the day with what had happened.

    I believe he should be in the be Afiricam America sports section. He deserves it.

    Born to mix racial couple and given up fir adoption and taken in by the Hinkleys. He lioved his adopted parents emensley.

    I truly still devistatedt that my devoted friend is gone.

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