People’s Court: Bradley Harper vs Storm Rowe

This week, People’s Court makes an unexpected return. Two east coasters who are in their mid teens battle it out. Sending both jumps and rails they can both appeal to all YoBeaters, but they probably won’t. Who are you for? Or are you voting Trump?

  • cool beans

    A classic example the two comp jock “huck it and fuck it kids”. Developed technical skills but no real style or creativity. And both defiantly attended ASTC or KMS at some point (those schools that brainwash kids the spinning, flipping, and winning USASA comps are the only meaning to life/ snowboarding. Basically the people changing snowboarding from being cool to being winter gymnastics/another piece of jock culture)

    • I support

      Bradley is actually a real cool kid to ride with and be around. Every has a different view and approach to snowboarding. Just because he has more of a competitive style doesn’t mean he makes it not cool. I think it pretty cool how clean he is with a lot of his tricks especially his switch spins. Lots of cool stuff about Bradley’s vid, really good rider.

      As for Storm well he’s 14… Enough said. You wish you could throw tricks as progressively as he does at that age.

      As for saying their just contest kids, well the beauty of snowboarding is all the different styles and approaches that exsist. You get to have freedom and individuality.
      You shouldn’t be telling someone the right way to ride, every way is right by choice.

      You should probably quit snowboarding because someone with the attitude that you portrayed in your comment is part of the problem of ruining snowboarding.

      *waits for hate comment back*

      • Bo Yeat

        honestly this comment was cool up until the *waits for comment back* part, that was dumb

      • cool beans

        I regret not making this more obvious, though they’re type of snowboarding is not my fancy, I don’t have anything against the kids personally or snowboarding wise I was naming what I saw. The second part of message (all in parenthesis) was going off on a loosly related rant, not about the kids, but about the heinous institutions that I reminded myself of.

      • fish

        skiing is a way to ride. And its wrong. goggles are for fags as well

        • DROWZEE

          if skiers would put aside their petty immorality perhaps then we would see peace, but as of present stance good sir, they are not! i remember a snowboarder whom once yelled fag at a loud volume amidst other snow sliding participants. did we berate him?! nay! but we did look his way. may this anecdote grant you the courage to choose the path of wisdom in your life.

    • jon rowe

      Hey “cool beans” you’re just a hatin arm chair quarter back fuck stick aren’t ya. talk shit huh wheres your edit? you must just be ay too creative to post an edit on here. right

    • jon rowe

      you guys all suck dick at fuckin pussy…you guys have so much style on the hill i bet.

  • Obama

    First kid sucks, second kid looks like a friggin christmas tree.. Trump

  • dude

    Can’t stump the Trump.

  • poo

    Both were whatever. I was disappointed to see that neither took advantage of the creative features at carinthia. Especially Storm, I thought you’d something cool on the weird dog house thing. But no, creeper 50-50 back 3 out. Anyways, Bradley had my vote because he had somewhat good style (In my opinion).

    • cool beans

      I agree. He did have a style but isn’t utilizing it to his potential

  • yup yut

    mount snow / carinthia just put out a 7 mountain season pass for $600. no blackout dates. and you can do a no interest payment plan.