Shaun White’s Air + Style Los Angeles

Photos by Mike Kroeger

This weekend, Shaun White’s Air + Style event was held in Los Angeles, California — it was roughly 60 degrees. Shaun White personally erected some scaffolding, 16 stories tall to be exact, and started making snow. The Fat Jewish was there. Tickets were buy one get one free, cause you can’t charge full price for Incubus. 

Here’s a video of Shaun and the Fat Jewish building the course:

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airstyleThis is really too easy…


airstyle_0No mountain? Build one. In Los Angeles.

airstyle_1 Incubus’ fans all showed up in force.  

airstyle_2Snow petting zoo? Refer to first photo. 


airstyle_3Dreams do come true.

  airstyle_5The punching bag game in the PBRcade attracted all sorts of macho-types. Several fights occurred on the property throughout the night. 802, that’s all you got, bro?  

airstyle_7Someone did some shifties and another person did a method, that was cool. Marc McMorris broke his femur. Ouch. 

airstyle_8Too many spins in your run.

airstyle_9Too many funnel cakes.


Below is a video of Mark McMorris prior to breaking his leg from Shaun’s instagram. For more coverage, visit his page. You won’t find port-a-john pictures though. We had the exclusive. 

A video posted by Shaun White (@shaunwhite) on

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  1. rexKwonDo
    rexKwonDo says:

    when you’re at a shaun white air & style concert you use the buddy system, no more flyin’ solo, you need somebody watching your back AT ALL TIMES!!

  2. Thanks TM!
    Thanks TM! says:

    so fucking glad i was forced to give up my japan pow trip for this dog and pony shit show.

    and we missed incubus-the fuck?!!!??

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